War After APK download online shooting games Android

War After APK download online shooting games Android


War After APK is one of the best FPS-based mobile games and it's very cool, and it's one of the best online shooting games for mobile that was released in 2021.War After is only available for Android

Android Android 5.0online games
4.6 ( 808 ratings )
Price: $0
Name War After: PvP shooter‏
Genre online games
Size 174MB
Version 0.985
Update November 9, 2021
Get it On Google Play
Mod Version 0.985
Total installs +1,000,000
War After: PvP shooter‏ is the most famous version in the War After: PvP shooter‏ series of publisher GDCompany

War After APK is one of the best FPS-based mobile games and it’s very cool, and it’s one of the best online shooting games for mobile that was released in 2021.

War After is only available for Android phones at the moment.

War After apk PvP Shooter Mobile FPS

War After is one of the best multiplayer mobile games that depends on the network connection, as it is one of the online shooting games.

It was developed by GDCompany and currently supports Android phones only.

War After has received a large number of downloads from the Google Play Store and a high rating.

War After is a game where two teams battle each other to get the most points.

This is in order to win you must be the best and the team that you play with, and this is because the game does not have a single mode.

The game is somewhat similar to Counter-Strike in terms of gameplay.

It does not provide you with many maps, and perhaps this is what is wrong with it at the moment, and more maps may be provided to the game.

War After APK Download for android and start playing with others from around the world and become the hero.

He got more points, tools, weapons and clothes inside the game to be the best among all.

Features of War After apk Game for Android

  • One of the most distinguishing features of the game is that the graphics are of high quality, and this adds fun while playing.
  • You can play War After with up to 60 frames.
  • The graphics of the game are more than wonderful and you will enjoy a lot while playing it.
  • You can download War After APK on Android phones.
  • There is no interruption in the game servers during the game and this is wonderful.
  • The game provides you with a lot of different tools and weapons.
  • You can always develop from tools and settings within the game.
  • War After is free for everyone.
  • Very cool 3D game.
  • You can play this game on an Android emulator for free.
  • You can play with other people from around the world.
  • The game has a simple to use user interface and that’s great.
  • The design of the tools and weapons is very realistic and this adds a creative touch.

How to play online shooting games apk?

War After PvP shooter is an easy game to control and start playing, because the platform is simple.War After APK download War online shooting games Android

War After APK downloading the game War After on the mobile and installing it, open the game and you will find that the game will explain to you how to play.

This is by explaining the details you need to start playing.

Options and settings:

When you open the game, you will find there is a gear icon at the top of the phone screen. Press to adjust the settings.

In the beginning, you will find the shooting system, the automatic system of the game, shooting is done automatically or through a button, choose the one that suits you.

Scroll down until you reach GRAPHICS. If your phone has high capabilities, choose 60 frames, and in Graphisc, choose High.

Return to the main interface and choose ARSENAL and here to buy and develop tools, clothing and equipment.

We will start with the clothes. In order to be able to develop your own clothes, you must have a blue card that you will find on the screen.

Choose clothes UPGRADE and this will raise the level of clothes to become stronger.

As for the same tools, you have the Middle Med kit, and this is for health and armor. Choose what you want in the game and choose equipped, so you can use it while playing.

For Toxic, these are bombs of all kinds, the same thing as the Middle Med kit, choose what suits you.

When you want to buy these tools go to the store and I will tell you how to buy these tools.

As for weapons, you will find the first and second weapons, the same applies to any of them.

When choosing any of them, you will find the type of weapon, its name, and the price, according to the type. There, you can buy it with gold or silver.

When choosing any weapon and purchasing, you will find a section for development, such as clothes, but the card is in a different color, which is red. There are also additions such as binoculars, silencer, planter and others.

All you have to do is click on the add-on available to you and install it on it so that the righteousness becomes stronger in the game War After.

To start the game, go back to the main page of the game and choose the game system. From there, you have two systems.

The first system, which is Control point, is that you collect the most points more than the other team in the fastest time, and this is until you win.

And this is through gold to the possible A, B, C and acquiring it before the other team in a faster time.

TEAM DEATHMATCH Here you have to collect a number of points faster than the other team.

This is by eliminating the other side of the team faster and collecting 30 points in 5 minutes until you win.

The game does not provide a lot of gameplay, and unfortunately, the game maps are very few.

How to control the game War After?

The control of the game is very simple and easy that everyone can understand from the first time.

War After APK download

Itching is controlled from the left and this is through the movement of the finger in the direction you want to go.

Points or health to fill it again you will find a button with a sign (+) and to fill the weapon again through a sign with three bullets inside.

To switch the weapon, you will find a picture of it at the bottom of the screen, click on the one you want to use.

You can jump by pressing a button on which a person is jumping and next to the button to go down.

To be able to skate, the first thing to do is jump down and at the same time press the down button.

You will also find the launch sign, and this is on the left of the screen, and this is if you turn off the automatic launch.



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War After APK download online shooting games Android

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War After APK download online shooting games Android

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