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Signal APK Download android is a social networking application that has gained wide popularity around the world.

where it is used by many people around the world, more than 50 million people from the world, and it is one of the special messenger applications, and it is the best alternative to WhatsApp on you. You can Signal APK Download android and for iPhone as well.

About the signal apk android

There are many applications that are online communication applications that are used daily by many people, but not all applications are good for communication. Some of them have very poor communication quality, and some of them have weak protection.

And after the new update of WhatsApp from Facebook, there has become an explicit violation from Facebook, and it wants to obtain user data through chat by analyzing this data and using it for their benefit in order to make more money, and this is the worst you may hear about in your life through a company called Communication Support social.

signal app android is the best alternative to it, and it is the best until this moment. Elon Musk stated that the signal app android is the best alternative to WhatsApp, and this is through his official account on Twitter, and he stated that you should leave the WhatsApp application and use the Signal application for Android and iPhone.

This is due to its many advantages that are not found in many other applications, and he said after the strange and controversial conditions in the first 2021 of WhatsApp and the use of the Signal app.

One of the many controversial conditions is that the company will share the information and data of more than 2 billion people with Facebook for advertising purposes, and the Signal app is a messaging application through which you can call voice calls in addition to video calls and text chats as well.

You can share voice messages, and the good thing is that it is fast in response and available on Android and iPhone phones. The Signal application was developed by Open Whisper Systems, a non-profit company that develops open-source applications and offers them for free.

The signal is an encrypted social networking application for Android and iOS operating systems.

Dedicated desktop versions have been available and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The Signal application is used to communicate through more than one means through audio files, images and videos, in addition to creating voice calls through it.

Just as an application such as WhatsApp and Telegram uses the phone number to register through them, the Signal application also uses the same thing in the same way of registration that everyone knows.

There are a lot of features that the application has, including data encryption, and this is very important to maintain the security of the community that uses it, and to secure all communications between users.

Signal APK android was developed by Open Whisper Systems and they publish an open-source app, and in 2018 the team behind Signal APK android received more than $50 million through Brian Acton, a WhatsApp messaging partner.

Signal app features for android

It is one of the private messenger applications where you can communicate with people in private. Here are a set of the most prominent features in Signal Private Messenger:

  • One of the most important features of good protection is that Elon Musk recommended him in addition to the former US intelligence agent who is currently residing in Russia, as well as Brian Acton and Edward Snowden, who are protection specialists.
  • In Signal APK Download, you will find that the user interface is very similar to WhatsApp, so do not worry about using it.
  • It is available to send videos and photos.
  • It has absolutely no ads.
  • It has video calls as well as voice and text chat.
  • You can change the appearance of the application through the appearance settings.
  • Available on the signal app android, special night mode.
  • You can somewhat control it, where you can control the notifications, where you can change the color of the lighting when receiving a notification and the sound of the vibrator mode, repeat alerts about messaging, the sound of calls when someone calls you
  • You can control to show only the name, the name and number, the message, or hide and show anything.
  • Setting the screen lock with a password or pattern is available with signal app android.
  • Control the appearance of the message reading sign, like WhatsApp Tammam.
  • A great feature is that you can control whether you want to allow anyone to send you messages or not by entering the settings > after that privacy > then go to the unknown sender > and you will find a choice (allow from anyone) activate if you do not wish.
  • You can save on data consumption by preventing automatic downloading of photos, videos and anything. All you have to do is go to Settings > Conversations and media > Auto download media > Press (when using mobile data) and uncheck ☑ from everyone, you can do the same thing on wifi.
  • Signal APK available for Android and iPhone download.
  • There are a lot of features that you will find in the Signal APK Download android, you can explore all the features by downloading the application and trying it.

How to register in the Signal app android

The method of registering in the application is as easy as WhatsApp, but it differs in one thing. Here is the installation and registration:
1- After Signal APK Download on the mobile.
2- Open Signal APK android, a box will appear for you to enter the phone number.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

3- A message containing six numbers will be sent to the number you set, enter it in the rectangle.
4- You will be asked to put the PIN number, and this is for protection only. It consists of four numbers. After that, you will be asked to confirm the number. Put the same number. You can press skip this step.

signal APK

5- Enter your first and second name.

There are not many people in the Arab world who use a private messenger, but all you have to do is ask your friends to Signal APK Download it and register, you will find that the application is fast and is available on Android and iPhone phones for free.

How to use the Signal app

Signal APK Download  android, like all other different social media applications in the style of use, such as WhatsApp, for example, is very similar to it in the method of use.

Go out to the main interface of the Signal APK android so that you can start the conversation with anyone just click on the blue pen on the side of the screen and choose the name of the person you want to talk to and you will find that the application contains all the means of communication that are available in other applications such as emojis and video calling And just vote.

And in signal app android order to be able to communicate with anyone through the voice calls feature, choose the phone number and press the speaker sign at the top of the screen and the call will be made.

The quality of the communication is very good. You can use it as an alternative to WhatsApp, especially since the latter does not have the feature of calling through the Internet in many cases. times.

Signal APK android provides you with the ability to attach any file, be it a picture, a video, or even an audio file, or any file from your phone. It gives you the advantage of sending and encrypting files as well, and this is very wonderful to be available in this application, especially since it is new.

Just enter any conversation and press On the (+) sign and choose the type of file you want in the message to your friend, or go to the file directly and click on Share and choose the signal apk app android and then choose the phone number you want to share with.

signal app android


There are a lot of wonderful settings in the application that many people will like, including controlling the appearance of the application and setting the necessity of a background in the background of the conversation. This is through the settings and goes to it by clicking on the three dots at the top of the phone screen and choose the appearance and then the conversation and background color if you want to change the color only Choose the color that suits you, but if you want to set a wallpaper, choose Set wallpaper and choose a wallpaper on your phone, any image.

Through the same appearance section, you can also control the font size in messages, as it provides you with the feature of increasing and reducing the font as you wish.

There are some settings that you must do on the signal apk android, and they are very important. Follow the explanation of the settings.

Download signal app android Private Messenger
Signal APK Download
  • Conversation settings:

On the keyboard, you can control the emoji that you use, which is meant by emoji. When you activate the choice, you can use the emoji of the system and even an external application.

Backup: It is very important to activate the backup feature of the conversations so that you do not lose them, just choose the backups and run.

  • notifications:

The signal apk android provides you with controlling your phone’s notifications, including the sound, where you can mute the sound, in addition to controlling the type of tone for sound, vibration and light.

It is preferable to turn off the light because the flash will open and close every time you receive a message notification and this will be very annoying and some may think If you are taking a picture of them, it is better to turn it off.

There are also sounds during the conversation turn it off so that you are not an annoying person and disturb those around you.

Show You can control showing the person’s name, name, number or name only. It is preferable to modify it to the name only, and this is to preserve the privacy of the other party.

  • Privacy signal apk android:

Privacy settings are probably the most important of all other settings.

In privacy, you will find the feature to ban users, which is the first choice, and you will find it with a banned name. You can add a person to the ban list and also remove it if you want to. If you want to add a person, just click on Add a banned user, choose the number and then add and you will find it in the ban list. Do not remove this person from the list Ban, click on it again and choose Unblock Ban.

Second: Messaging read read receipts and this setting is specified. If you disable the feature to activate the read link for messages, you will not be able to see a link that others have read, and the writing indicator is the same, it will not be possible to see the indicator about others writing.

Third: The hidden messages feature: This feature, when activated, will hide the conversation you make, whether you send it or receive it, it will disappear after seeing it. You can specify a period of time.

Fourth: Application security: It provides you with the feature of locking the screen via a pattern or through a fingerprint, and this is if your phone provides a fingerprint, activate it because this is very important for privacy.

Screen lock timeout You can control the period of time during which the screen lock has been activated, and this is in the event that the phone is not touched or written for a specified period of time.

A hidden keyboard and this feature is distinctive because when this feature is activated, no conversation or words will be recorded on the keyboard. It is preferable to activate the feature.

Fourth advanced: As for the communications shift, always here you use Signal’s servers, as all calls that will be made will be encrypted through Signal’s servers, and this is what the company says to avoid disclosing your IP address, but this may reduce the quality of the connection.

Allow from anyone. If you activate this feature, you can receive messages from anyone from an unknown party or even not among the contacts on the phone that are registered with you. It is preferable to activate it if you are a normal person and want everyone to communicate with you, but if you do not want that You can disable it.

Additional information on Signal apk android

  • Submitted by: Signal Foundation.
  • Application developer: Signal Messenger.
  • Type: connection.
  • Works on: signal app android and iPhone (iOS)


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