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December 5, 2017
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Penguins Dibble Dash game. If you heard the Madagascar penguins cartoon movie, it is the same game characters, which is the penguin game, and the names of the characters were Captain, Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper, which are the characters of the movie in addition to the game, the penguin game is available for download for Android and also for iPhone for free.


About the Penguins Dibble Dash mobile game

Penguins Dibble Dash is an adventurous game that has been designed for mobile, and with the characters of one of the most famous cartoon films, which was produced in 2014 through Dream Works Animation, but the idea of ​​the film is different from the game as the penguins have to stop an evil plan to destroy their hearing Penguins are in the whole world.

As for the game, it is similar in its idea to the Subway Mobile game where you are in the penguins game trying to escape from the evil octopus as possible so that it does not catch up with you and in Subway you escape from the policeman, so you have a very large likeness between them to a large extent although Nick You play with four characters who are Rikku, Glamorous, and Kowalski, who will grow up and you have to make them all run away.

You can play the game with other people through multiplayer, as it is available in it, the game was designed for the Android system only, and after that, a free iPhone version was created.

The way to play Penguins Dibble Dash

The game is easy, very simple and easy. You and the penguins will go down a long way. You have to overcome difficulties and obstacles, without bumping into them. There is difficulty because you control four characters at the same time and there will be some path that is small and you have to pass through it quickly.

In the penguin game, you have to control all four penguins at the same time, so because you will move between difficulties and the big maze, in the game you have to move like Riku, think like Kowalski and learn special like all.

You will find that there are a set of tools that will help you, such as the missile, the counter, and other tools that you get to use. You will find them at the end of the screen at the bottom. Just click on it and it will be activated.

There are some things that you must learn in order to be able to collect the largest points, and they are:

Click twice in succession on the screen and you will find that the penguins have begun to stand on top of each other and this will be needed in order to pass through the narrow corridors.

In the game of the penguin there are skills such as jumping to use it swipe up, and to slide until it passes from the bottom of things swipe down.

You must escape from the octopus and do not make it touch you, you have 4 chances each time you miss one of them.

Features of downloading the game Penguin for mobile

  • The game is available on more than one major operating system for Android and iPhone for free.
  • It is characterized by that the game is light on phones.
  • You don’t need a powerful phone to work.
  • Multiplayer available.
  • The graphics, sounds, and effects in Penguins Dibble Dash are very good.

Penguin multiplayer play mode

In order for you and your friends to play, you must activate the multiplayer feature and in order to do so, follow the steps:

1-Open the game, then click on the word “player” at the top of the screen.

2- To register a new account, click on New User and write the following information:

  • The username in the first rectangle must be a unique name that no one has used before.
  • Enter your e-mail.
  • Enter the password.
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