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Name Granny Granny is the most famous version in the Granny series of publisher DVloper
Genre adventure games
Size 100 MB
Version 1.7.9
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating PEGI 16+
Update January 20, 2021
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Android Android adventure games
4.2 ( 198 ratings )
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granny apk game is a game that has gained a very wide reputation on social networking sites, and the reason is the idea of the game that attracts others to download it.

granny is classified as one of the wonderful and distinctive horror games in terms of playing style.

You can Granny apk download and experience this. It is one of the best mobile games as it is a little similar to the Evil parameter.

About granny game Story

It is one of the wonderful single mobile games that has been designed to be among the horror games, which was developed by DVapps AB in 2017 January and it supports more than one operating system such as Android and iOS.

granny game tells that a man was driving his own car at night, and the vision was not clear that night, so she entered an old lady’s house and heard him, so he got out of the car with what he had hit, and a big old woman surprised him and hit him with her stick, and he lost consciousness.

And when he woke up, he found himself in one of the rooms of the house that he had collided with, so he tried to escape through the main door, and the old man of the house heard him, so I hit him again and he lost consciousness for the second time, and when he woke up again, he found himself in the same room he was in the first time, so he tried to escape by car and discovered that a car was not It has gasoline.

He will find that the old man in the game has hidden a set of equipment and things from the car such as the machine, key, battery and this will make it a difficult task to search for these things so that he can start the car and escape from the evil granny house.

download granny game apk for android
Granny apk download

But there is always a challenge faced by you in light of this matter who urges that this old woman is trying to stay at home and can never escape from it.

In the old granny game, she was watching him well, so I heard old women who hit him again and every time after waking up trying to escape he tried to collect the car parts and bring gasoline to the car and open the door of a warehouse he found a big wall and he was the one who did an old man so I heard him and it was but this time he remembered that he had a gun in a car She will use it against an old man, and the old man came to him again, but he was afraid to shoot her with a bullet from the gun, and he did not hit her, so she hit him. The idea here is that you are trying to escape the granny game in every possible way.

The game developer has created a lot of horror games, but these have got more fame than others, but the other different versions are good to try, and this is like the second island of them, which is Granny: Chapter Two, in addition to The Twins and many more. You can enter the developer’s website and explore the rest of the different games.

A tour inside the Granny

After Granny apk download game and installing the game and starting the game to do the following, the way to play is very simple in terms of the method of controlling the movement of the character of the game, sorry, you find on the left the tool to control the character, which is intended for movement only, in addition to a button in the form of a person that you use to hide from the old man behind things and inside it.

You have to turn the escape from the old man as much as possible in order to save your life in the granny game, look for the tools necessary for life. The granny game will find tools that will help you hide from the old man and escape from her or even delay the old man, and in order to get out of the house, you have to search for the key in the house so that you can open the door to escape from this evil old man.

In the granny game, the idea revolves around escaping from one place to another where you have to get the necessary tools to help you escape from the big house of the evil granny and the game is very good.

Granny apk is very similar to the game of the evil teacher where you have to enter the house of the evil teacher and mess with her And try to escape from her own house, Granny apk is available for Android and iPhone.

But the difference from the granny game is that you find yourself in the evil grandmother’s house and try to escape and you do not know how you got into the house, although the game is similar to horror, it is not scary for many children as it is a lot of fun.

In each stage of the game you have to search for something different, such as searching for car parts around the house to make the car run again in order to escape from the house and this car is in the garage of the house.

In the event that the evil grandmother is discovered, you have to hide from her anywhere in the house, inside the wardrobe or under the bed, or throw at her some of the things that are available with you to make her break so that she can escape from her.

The game gives you 5 attempts each time to escape from the evil old woman. If you do not succeed in it, she will slap you hard. You will find yourself waking up the next day to try again, and in the event that you do not succeed, repeat the stage again from the beginning.

The game is great although it is a horror game it is suitable for a lot of characters although you know that the evil granny is coming on the stairs but you get scared and that is the goal of the game.

Granny game features

The game is distinguished from other horror games as follows:

  • The game is simple in movement and this makes it easy to learn even easier.
  • Light Granny game on the phone.
  • Fees to enter the game are ok.
  • It supports Granny apk download game for Android and is available on the Google Play Store for free in addition to being
  • available on the Apple Store.
  • granny game is completely free to play.
  • It has a simple user interface, so you don’t need to explain how to operate.
  • The game gives you 5 days, which is a shortcut to 5 attempts, and after that, you will restart the game from the beginning.

How to Granny apk download and install

The Granny game is available on the Google Play Store, but in the event that your phone does not support the Google Store, you can download granny apk for free through the site, follow the following steps to download.

  • Click on the Granny apk download button.
  • Wait a few seconds, a download button will appear.
  • Written on it Granny apk download.
  • You will find the game in the downloads file on your mobile.

Granny game settings on mobile

After Granny apk download, there are some settings that you must make within the game, which are the following.

If you are a beginner in the game, make the settings so that the game performs them well, in addition to being able to move inside it faster.

  • Click PLAY.
  • Choose the Difficulty option and choose from the list Easy or Practice so that you can try the game and learn easier.
  • You can control the image quality through Quality.
  • You can control some things in the game from the inside. You can turn them off by unmarking them in the music bar, so if you feel nervous about the music, it’s really scary.

Dark mode within the game also Darker You can explore the rest of the numbers yourself inside the game and try all of them.

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