Fishing Clash APK Download for android latest version

Name Fishing Clash Fishing Clash is the most famous version in the Fishing Clash series of publisher Ten Square Games
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre casual games
Size 143 MB
Version 1.0.170
Total installs 50,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
Update November 18, 2021
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Android Android casual games
4.7 ( 676 ratings )
Price: $0

Download the wonderful Fishing Clash APK and IOS for mobile, start catching different types of fish from underdeveloped beaches through the Fishing Clash game, which is the most mobile game that simulates reality greatly.

Join now more than 15 million people playing the mobile fishing game Fishing Clash APK for Android and enjoy a great simulator experience.

About the mobile fishing game Fishing Clash apk

Fishing is one of the advice of the sports around the world and I love it a lot. It is a sport that cultivates patience and sportsmanship among all.

And because many do not know how to catch fish or even cannot go to a place to fish because they may be far from or even live in a desert country that has no rivers and seas or does not have several fishing tackles.

You can now live an experience to live that fisherman through the mobile Fishing Clash with its latest version, it is a 3D fishing game with great graphics.

What distinguishes Fishing Clash from many other fishing games is that the game is not only 3D but also has great graphics with excellent quality and a great degree of clarity.

Fishing Clash has been developed by Ten Square Games to be suitable for all different age groups and has been rated by more than 2 million people on the Google Play platform for Android.

And because the game is wonderful, it has gained wide fame among everyone, and the installer of the game has reached more than 50 million people from around the world, and this is not for nothing. The game is wonderful with its details, in addition to being free.

It is distinct from many other mobile fishing games, and this is because all the fish in it are real from reality. You may find many of the tariffs, and this is if you really like fishing.

The fish in the fishing game are all real, although there are some of them with very strange shapes, you can type the name of the fish on the search engine and you will find that it is in the ocean or in one of the seas.

Download Fishing Clash game apk for android
Fishing Clash game

The Fishing Clash provides you with the ability to play online with other people from the sweet world and duel to get the largest amount of different fish, and when you win, you will get many points and gifts.

A completely free game available to download Fishing Clash apk for Android phones and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Features of the Fishing Clash game for mobile

A great game in terms of a lot of details that I will show you, and here are the most prominent features that make Fishing Clash apk the best.

  • The fishing game is available for free on the Google Play Store, you can get it without any fees.
  • The graphics of Fishing Clash are great and clear.
  • The Fishing Clash provides you with the ability to play online with other people from around the world in a competition to catch the largest number of fish.
  • You can always update your fishing gear as you can catch big fish.
  • The game provides you with all the tools inside for free, although you can buy some of them with money if you want to.
  • Each time you catch the game will show you the size, color, and shape of the fish and this is what gives it the realistic spirit.
  • Fishing Clash makes you feel like you are on a real fishing trip.
  • The game provides you with a lot of different maps or locations, and this is to break the boredom and add a good spirit to the game, good man and good fish.
  • The Fishing Clash gives you a lot of great gifts that will help you a lot.
  • The game supports a lot of Android phones starting from 4.4 and newer.

You can Fishing Clash apk download the game through the site direct link APK for Android for free.

How to play the fishing game on mobile

The fishing Clash apk begins with an adventure on a beach, where the game character throws the fishing line automatically through a button at the bottom of the screen written on it, throwing it in green.

How to play Fishing Clash on mobile

After that, the fishing rod will start to move and make a sound very similar to a real hook, at that moment you have to press the reel on the side of the screen below until the line is pulled.

Don’t take your finger off the cow button so it doesn’t cut the thread and you lose the fish, and this is important.

After successfully raising the fish, you will find information about the fish. For information, these are real fish that are actually present in this shape and color. You will find there in the box the weight of the fish, its price, and the points you got for it in addition to its type or name.

Download Fishing Clash game apk for android

Every time you catch a certain fish, in the fishing game, you will get points and money, and your level will rise, you will get a lot of calm and the skill in fishing has been raised in addition to the level of fish.

Fish are caught randomly, but you can control the type of fish you want, and this is by going to the section where the coasts and seas are located. You will find it above the button to throw the thread written on it (throws) in green.

You can choose from there a specific type of fish, but you have to choose the fish that suits your level so that you can catch them so as not to cut the thread for the hook, and in order to choose a specific type, it is enough to press the fish card and then choose from the equipment.

In order to go back to fishing randomly, choose the coast instead of fish and you will find it at the beginning and choose to Equip until you find that the button has turned from blue to gray.

And when you get a higher level in the fishing game, new places and new coasts will be opened.

You have to improve your fishing ability, in order to improve your fishing abilities, you will need to improve the tools you use by pressing the gear button on the side and develop them by getting the best rod and other tools such as weight and hook, and this to fish faster And greater accuracy and does not lose the various fish.

How to play Fishing Clash online with other people

Fishing Clash provides you with the ability to match people from around the world in catching fish.

In order to play with other people from around the world, you will find a button at the bottom of the screen for a fishing game with duels written on it, and the game will start searching for a person from around the world, it does not take more than a second, the game is very famous.

It will show you the name of the person who is dueling and from which country he is, the points, the types of hook the person uses, and a set of details. After that, you will be presented with three cards with different types of fish, choose the best fish with the highest score.

You will be given a minute in which you catch the largest number of fish, you all have the largest number of points, and in the event that you collect more points, you will win and get money and a gift.

The Fishing Clash provides you with the ability to chat with other people in the game, there is a section for chatting available to everyone.

Fishing Clash APK download for android for free and IOS latest version.


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