Download whatsapp gb APK Android
Download whatsapp gb APK Android

Download whatsapp gb APK Android

v2 by whatsapp gb

Download whatsapp gb APK is one of the improved social networking applications, and there are many people who do not know the WhatsApp GB application or even have not heard of the application at all.S

Android Android 5.0Communication App
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Name whatsapp gb
Publisher whatsapp gb
Genre Communication App
Version 2
Update 2024
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Mod Version 2
Total installs 5000000
whatsapp gb is the most famous version in the whatsapp gb series of publisher gbwhatsapp
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Download whatsapp gb APK is one of the improved social networking applications, and there are many people who do not know the WhatsApp GB application or even have not heard of the application at all.

Simply, the WhatsApp GB application gives you a lot of features that help you and that are not available in the normal version of the WhatsApp application, such as publishing to more than one group and more than one person after Facebook, which is the company that bought the WhatsApp application.

Download whatsapp gb APK latest version

Download whatsapp gb APK

GBWhatsapp application is one of the social networking applications like Messenger and Telegram application and also Signal application for chat in short it is the developed version of Whatsapp.

There are those who call the WhatsApp GB application the green application, considering that the application is green. There is no problem, the name will not make a big difference as long as it is the same application.

And you can download WhatsApp GB and it is different from the WhatsApp Gold application completely so that no one confuses them.

Each one of them has an advantage over the other and I think it is much better in terms of features and especially after WhatsApp Gold was completely stopped.

This is after the publication and development was stopped by the developer of the application, and this is due to the fact that Facebook warned if the owner and developer of the application violated the usage policy, the only available now is WhatsApp GB and it is the best for me personally because of what it has of features.

WhatsApp GB Green application for Android

Download whatsapp gb APK The application is constantly developed and this is what makes the application great for users in that the application has a very large set of features that surpass other applications that have been developed by many developers on the Internet.

This is what made the application very famous. WhatsApp gb gives the user some features that make it different from the rest of the users of the WhatsApp application.

And it is an alternative to the WhatsApp application itself, it exists on many phones and that is because this application has a lot of things that distinguish it from other applications on the Internet.

If you are a person who loves privacy, this application will be your friend on the phone with what it provides of features that give you a lot of privacy and use the application in the conversation.

In addition, you can Download whatsapp gb APK by sending more than 90 pictures or messages without any conditions.

This feature is not available in the WhatsApp application and this feature is available only for WhatsApp GB. This application provides this wonderful feature.

You can learn more and enjoy Download whatsapp gb APK the latest version. There are many tools in the application.

The difference between the WhatsApp GB application and the original WhatsApp version

You will think at first before Download whatsapp gb APK. Is this application different from the original WhatsApp application or is it not so in reality.

There is a big difference between this application and other applications and even the original version of WhatsApp, where you find some additions and features that make it less feature than WhatsApp GB.

But it is the same platform that was built on GBWhatsapp, but this is the developed version of it, where a large group of additions and features have been added to it that make it much better than the normal version of the WhatsApp application and WhatsApp Gold also.

And if you think that you cannot message a person who owns the Download whatsapp gb APK, but you can message anyone who owns the original version of the WhatsApp application.

You should keep in mind before Download whatsapp gb APK that any application you download from outside can be harmful to your phone or its protection may be weak.

This is because the application was not issued by Facebook, but it is built on the same platform, so you should be wary of these applications.

But in the end, Facebook saves all the data and information that you send and receive from people and why not delete this information as you think.

This was revealed after the scandal that Facebook became famous for, in that it was selling the information of the account holders and it was the biggest scandal at the time of the US elections.

In any case, you should not send private information to anyone, even if this application is the best application in the world in terms of protection and encryption of data.

Because this data may fall into the wrong person’s hands because all the applications that are hacked or the phone may be stolen.

For this reason, do not send anyone any private pictures or files or private data on any application, not just this application, but any application, even if it is the Messenger application or Twitter application or Snapchat application or any other application.

Download whatsapp gb features for Android

The most important features that distinguish this application are protection from blocking, so that you cannot send a large number of messages or pictures to large groups and you will not be blocked by the company and this is for protection:-

Anti-ban and ban and proof. No need to access the root. Hide the last time you ever saw it (privacy option). Hide the double / second tick. Zoom in on personal photos (awesome feature). Emoji Changer / GBWhatsapp themes. You will get an alert if your friend changes his picture. Video size 30 MB. Audio clip size up to 100 MB now. Send 90 pictures at once instead of 10. Alerts if your friend has changed his picture. Counter statistics for groups. Change the missed call icon and change the color of the calls. View media without downloading. Custom theme mode. Copy the status of anyone with a simple click on the status. Stop receiving calls from anyone you want, or everyone. Is the WhatsApp GB application against the ban?

GBWhatsApp application is a modification of the original WhatsApp application, and it offers a range of additional features that may be for many.

However, you should be aware that using applications like GBWhatsApp may involve some risks.

It is worth noting that the official WhatsApp company allows users to use modified applications like GBWhatsApp, except in very rare cases where it bans the user.

But, you can be banned at any time if your use of the application is detected.

In the end, the decision is up to you. If you value privacy and security, you may want to think twice before using applications.

Information about theWhatsApp GB application

Package name: com. Download whatsapp gb APK

Version: Latest version

File size: 52.5 MB

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/4.5.

Works on: Android 📱.

You can Download whatsapp gb APK for android



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Download whatsapp gb APK Android

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Download whatsapp gb APK Android

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