WhatsApp Business APK download for Android latest version
WhatsApp Business APK download for Android latest version

WhatsApp Business APK download for Android latest version

v2.21.22.26 by WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business apk download application is one of the versions that have been created through Facebook, and it is designed for businessmen and commerceso to communicate better without confusing the

Android Android 5.0Communication App
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Name WhatsApp Business
Publisher WhatsApp
Genre Communication App
Size 40 MB
Update November 9, 2021
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Mod Version
Total installs 500,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
WhatsApp Business is the most famous version in the WhatsApp Business series of publisher WhatsApp
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WhatsApp Business apk download application is one of the versions that have been created through Facebook, and it is designed for businessmen and commerce

so to communicate better without confusing them with family and friends through WhatsApp Business apk for mobile is available for WhatsApp Business apk download for Android and iPhone for free.

About the WhatsApp business application

WhatsApp Business is one of the applications that have been built through Facebook in order to be completely independent of the basic version, and it is designed for commerce and companies.

where you can communicate with your customers in the company or in the commercial project without the need to enter them into the basic version of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp business application is a version that has been developed in order to be compatible on the mobile and in order to work very smoothly on the phone without the need for any other addition.

which is simple to use and is available for WhatsApp Business APK download for Android and iPhone also completely free of charge through the company.

Whatsapp business application has a lot of advantages that you can write what type of your commercial activity this feature is available in it in addition to the location of the company and its location.

so that those who communicate with you through you can know the very important details about you without the need to ask all this is available on WhatsApp Business APK and for private and public companies, free of charge.

Whatsapp business features for Android

WhatsApp business application has many features that make it one of the best approved applications so that you can communicate with your customers in an easy way so that everyone can get your products or inquire through you. Here are the most prominent features:

1- Automatic messages are available within the WhatsApp Business apk application, a very important feature for business leaders, and it is the automatic reply feature.

where it is possible to add a response that will be automatic to someone who sends you a sender at a time you are not present or at times other than the working time, to be answered automatically.

2- WhatsApp Business APK application provides you with a business profile feature.

where you can add your type of business, and you will find this feature comes out for you when you do the account for the first time, and you can amend it through its settings, as well as the company’s location or location.

3- It provides you with business tools, including a business catalog, where you can add through your products pictures, videos, writing, or the works that you do.

4- The welcome message feature, which is a mechanism for new customers, that you can put it in a voice response or write only, and it is also available in the WhatsApp GB application for free.

5- Quick Replies feature, which is a feature that has been provided on the WhatsApp Business application in order to be able to reply through repeated messages.

6- There are categories on WhatsApp Business app, which is a distinction in order to differentiate between a new customer and an order, not yet paid, paid, the order was made, and this in order to save you the trouble of searching and reading the chat.

7- You can create a group through WhatsApp Business.

8- You can also create a group message group.

9- WhatsApp Business application can be linked to WhatsApp Web.

10-There is a feature to add working time, as well as email and your website, if available.

11-You can download WhatsApp Business APK through a safe and fast direct link

There are many advantages, but most of them are available in the basic version of the WhatsApp application, and everyone knows it without writing about it. You can WhatsApp Business APK download  and explore the features that appeal to you.

 WhatsApp Business apk for Android

The command is very simple until you WhatsApp Business APK download  on you. It is the same way that you can the basic version to WhatsApp Business APK Steps:

  1. Open the Google Play app and type WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business after that.
  2. Click on Install. It will ask you to access some permissions.
  3. Allow it and click OK to download WhatsApp Business APK.
  4. If it is not available on the Google Play store for you because the phone is old, you must download WhatsApp Business APK.
  5. and this is for Android only, you will find the download link below.

You can download WhatsApp Business APK for Huawei phones and it will work with you without a problem

Download WhatsApp Business for iPhone

The same thing on Android phones, but instead of that you will go to the Apple Store steps:

  1. Open the Apple Store for iPhone.
  2. Type in the search box WhatsApp Business.
  3. Clicking on install you will be asked to access some permissions for the phone.

How to operate and register account WhatsApp Business From your smartphone?

Many people think that the method of registering for business in WhatsApp is different from the basic version of WhatsApp, but the matter is completely similar to it and there is no final difference, but I will explain to you because there are some important additions.
After downloading WhatsApp Business APK application for Android or iPhone, according to the type of phone you own, do the following steps. Register for Android and iPhone. The same thing, there is no difference:

  1. WhatsApp Business APK for android or IOS the application and installing it on the mobile, open it.
  2. A user interface will open for you. If there is a basic version of the WhatsApp application on the mobile and you work with it
  3. it will give you a choice if you want to transfer from the basic version to the business version with the same phone number that will appear to you, if you do not want that, do not click on the number and choose Add another number.
  4. You will be asked to type your phone number. You must choose the country code in which this number is located.
  5. After writing the number, press Next, and each text message with six numbers will be sent if the SIM card is specific to the number that you register on the WhatsApp business application on the same mobile, the numbers will be entered automatically, if not, you must transfer the number yourself and write it.
  6. Write your name or the name of the company and choose after that the type of trade you are doing if it is a trade and after that enter the location of the company and this if you want that.

You can put your own picture if you want, a short description and some details, but it is not important, you can add it later on that, this was everything, it is easy and very simple and not complicated.

How to adjust WhatsApp Business settings

add it to the application, which you have to do if you have any merchants, and you want to define yourself and adjust your settings so that people get to know you.

How to adjust business tools

1- Open the WhatsApp Business app.
2- Click on the three dots at the top of the screen, you will find there is a choice of business tools.
In order to be able to manage your business and commercial activity, such as adding working times, a simple description, a picture and your website, follow the following steps:

  • Click on Business Profile.
  • To add an image to the WhatsApp business application, click on the pen at the top of the screen and choose the images that suit you.
  • To change the name in the first choice, press the tab.
  • Second, write the description, be a brief description of the type of activity of your company.
  • Third, the active type of commerce, such as whether it is specialized in the fields of arts, commerce, travel, etc.
  • Fourth, your address if you want it.
  • Fifth, working hours.
  • Sixth: E-mail, if you have one.
  • Seventh, the website link.
How to add a business catalog

Also through Settings and then Business Tools.
Choose the second option written on the catalog.
You will find on + at the bottom, click on it to add dummy works.
There is a nice feature so that you can review your own work. Click on the link tab on the screen. Then click on copy the link or share or send what suits you so that you can share your works with other people easily.

How to operate the automatic response feature on WhatsApp business

One of the great features that is available on WhatsApp Gold is also the automatic response, where you can reply on your behalf if you are not available at this time or outside the working hours:
1- Click on the three names above some of the top of the screen, a menu will appear for you, choose Business Tools.
2- Scroll down a little, and you will find there a selection of messages outside working hours, click on it and do it with the first choice.
Then click on the pen and write the letter you want to get out to the people.
3- You can control it with the time when it appears when or always.

There is also a welcome message and quick reply for you available in the sender section in the business tools section. You can try it and enjoy an excellent experience with the WhatsApp Business mobile app.




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WhatsApp Business APK download for Android latest version

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WhatsApp Business APK download for Android latest version

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