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August 6, 2021
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Download telegram app is one of the wonderful and distinguished messaging applications, in addition to that it is safe for users, and it is similar to the WhatsApp application to some extent, but it is different in many things, the Telegram application has many great features and is available for Android for free.

About the Telegram app for Android

Telegram application, or as it is called by some in some Arab countries, is one of the free applications dedicated to instant communication, where you can communicate with people for free through it.

The Telegram application was founded in 2013 by the developer Nikolai and Pavel Dorov, two brothers, and they were founded by the Russian social networking site Vkontakte, which is more popular in Russia.

Initially, the application aimed only at instant messaging, and this was in 2013, and this was the main goal of messaging securely through encrypted messages between users, in order to add to it the character of privacy and security.

The Telegram application is one of the mobile applications that has reached a great degree of great success, as it got more than 200 million users in 2018 and this month, and this number has exceeded at the present time and got a large number of downloads, reaching more than 500 million people. Download telegram app on your phone and install it.

Despite all this number of users, it gets a large number of downloads and a large growth rate, and this is all without any advertising campaign, but it got a number of users at the beginning through recommendations from people only, and this large growth indicates that it is one of the distinctive applications that You must give it a try.

The platform was registered in 2013 as a completely independent platform, like other applications for example the Signal application that was launched by Elon Musk.

The Telegram application is one of the most popular communication applications, as it is among the 10 most downloaded communication applications, in addition to being among the applications that have a large user segment, especially in 2021 so far.

Telegram has been developed to be suitable on many different operating systems and supports many phones, and those systems that it supports are the Android and iOS platforms, in addition to it supports other systems such as Windows, Windows Phone, Macintosh, Linux, and this is wonderful where you can Download telegram app on The phone in addition to the computer.

Telegram is like many messenger applications or similar in many things, such as registering and opening a new account in it, such as WhatsApp, Signal application and other instant messaging applications where you need a phone number so that you can register with it and open an account to use it.

The Telegram application is one of the best communication applications, as it is characterized by being secure in terms of messaging, quick to respond and light on all the phones you work on without any problem in responding, it always gets updates for the company so far and this is great.

You can Download telegram app on the mobile and experience its use and get a very special and unique experience on the Telegram application, as it is available on the Google Play Store for free for Android, as well as available for iPhone phones running iOS on the Apple Store.

The most prominent features of the Telegram mobile application

Download telegram app, The Telegram instant messaging program, like any other messaging application, has what distinguishes it from other applications.

  • The Telegram application is completely free and you do not need to pay any fees to purchase or subscribe.
  • One of the fastest messaging programs for mobile in terms of speed of sending and receiving messages.
  • Easy to use It has a very simple user interface and is easy to handle and understand.
  • It has a very large data center around the world that is unique to Telegram only.
  • It provides you with a sync feature where you can access messages through a mobile phone and complete the message on a computer through the Telegram program for the computer or even tablets.
  • It gives you the ability to format the text through it, although there are not many options, but it fulfills the purpose, such as italics, making the font thick, quoting and other different formats that it provides for you.
  • You can open your account on more than one device and receive messages as well.
  • It provides you with a wonderful feature related to privacy, which is to message anyone without revealing your phone number or knowing the number, and this is great for giving you more privacy.
  • You can access messages from any device, unlike many other applications such as WhatsApp.
  • It gives you the ability to share video clips, photos or audio clips in a large area that may reach more than 2 GB per video, and this is not available on other applications.
  • You can create a group on Telegram and also a channel to display your products, videos, or even an entertainment channel, and unlike many other messaging programs, a group on Telegram can consist of more than 20 thousand people and channels.
  • All messages and videos are stored in encrypted keys, which makes them more secure.
  • You can permanently delete any message that was sent to anyone else by mistake from both parties.
  • Telegram provides you with a chatbot feature that gives you the ability to reply to anyone automatically without your intervention through an automated program that is managed to respond to messages and signals.
  • It provides you with a secret chat feature where you can raise the degree of security to the maximum degree through it or even set the application to delete messages automatically and this from both phones or devices you and the recipient, and in this way you can maintain 100% safe and privacy.
  • The Telegram application provides you with voice calls and video calls, which is the video through it.
  • The Telegram application has provided a new feature known as Near Users, where it shows you the people near you, and this is through the GPS feature available in the phone so that Telegram starts displaying the people near you and you can message them and chat with them.
  • It is available to Download telegram app for Android through the Google Play Store for free, and you can download Telegram through a direct link APK for free.
  • It is also available on iOS phones for free on the Apple Store for iPhone phones for free.

The Telegram application provides many features that are not available in many other instant messaging applications, and the company is still working on modifying and developing more features that will help you a lot throughout your life and make using Telegram better and easier.

If you are interested in high privacy, you can Download telegram app and delve into the experience of using it and communicate with friends and relatives through the secret chat for free.

Disadvantages of Telegram app

Although the Telegram application has many great and wonderful features, it has some defects that some may not call it a defect and some may see it as such. Here are the most prominent of those flaws.

  • You may find it is very slow in downloading photos and videos, as it does not work well in the event that the Internet is somewhat slow, then the Internet should be faster when using it to download photos and videos from the application.
  • You cannot delete your personal account directly, but the account is deleted when it has not been used for a continuous period of six months.
  • It consumes a lot of phone battery when using and this is a disadvantage that does not impress many, especially if your phone battery is rather small.

Download telegram app for android latest version

Telegram has developed the application to work on many devices and to support many different operating systems for phones in addition to tablets and computers.

Perhaps one of the most prominent operating systems supported by the Android system, as well as IOS for iPhone phones, in addition to Windows Phone, Windows NT, Mac OS, the GNU / Linux project, a web platform.

The company has made Telegram available for free on many platforms for downloading different applications. It is available on the Google Play Store for free for Android phones. You can Download telegram app from the store for free.

In addition, it is available on the Apple Store dedicated to iPhone phones and Apple products for free.

Download telegram app from the Google Play Store for free

The Telegram app is available on the Google Play Store for free, the latest version, and here’s how to download and install it.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on the phone and type in the search box Telegram in Arabic or Telegram in English.
  2. Click on Install and grant it permissions to download and install by clicking Allow.
  3. Wait for it to Download telegram app and install.

Download Telegram APK for android the latest version

You can download Telegram APK in the event that it is not available on your phone, the application store, such as the new Huawei phones, or even available. You can also download Telegram APK from the website.

  1. Click on Download telegram APK.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the Telegram download link to be prepared.
  3. Click on Telegram APK and you will find the application file on the phone in Downloads.
  4. Click on it after downloading, click on install and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. And congrats to you.

How to create a Telegram account New on mobile

  1. After Download telegram app and installing, open the application.
  2. Click on Start messaging.Download telegram app for android
  3. Choose the country key for the country in which it is always set automatically, enter the phone number, then press the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen.How to create a Telegram account New
  4. A message will be sent to you with a number to activate your number, or it will be sent in a call. Enter the number in the box.
  5. Congratulations, your account has been registered.

Explain the difference between a channel and a group on Telegram

  1. Telegram channels: They have a completely different goal from the group, as the goal of the channel is to publish content on it without discussing with the community for which this content was published, in addition to that only the channel admin or even those responsible for it can control the data such as the name, content and other channel details In addition, the channel administrator can view the personal account of the members only, but not the other subscribers. Unlike the channel, there is no specific number of subscribers to the channel.
  2. Telegram group: There is a big difference in that the group has a certain number, the maximum number of members joining it, up to 200 thousand people only. Usually post something from the content, but the person responsible for the group can delete the post if he does not like it or if it is against.

As you can see, there is a big difference between the channel and the group. Each of them has a goal that differs from the other in terms of conditions, powers and other such matters, and this puts them within the scope of the difference.

how to create channel on telegram app on Android

The Telegram application provides you with opening a channel on the application to communicate with followers or even publish your content and get visits.

  1. Open the app and tap the stylus on the bottom side of the screen.
  2. Choose a third, choose a new channel.
  3. Type the name of the channel you want and choose an image by pressing the icon and choose the image on the phone, then press the check mark at the top of the to create channel on telegram app on Android
  4. Choose a public channel (It is a channel that everyone can access, and only specific people can access the channel.) If you choose Public, type a name for the link in English, preferably user-friendly, so that it is easy to search for the to create channel on telegram app on Android

How to create a group on Telegram

  1. Click on the side menu and choose a new group.
  2. Select a person from the contact on your phone, then tap the blue down arrow.
  3. Enter the name of the group and then choose the photo by pressing the camera icon in the blue circle.
  4. You can add 200 thousand members by adding members.

How to open a secret chat on Telegram app

Privacy is currently not available in many sites and applications, and this is the worst thing you might want to happen to you, but the Telegram application provides you with one of the most wonderful features ever, which is the secret chat, which is one of the features available in all accounts.

The secret chat feature is that you can set it in order to delete messages and content also includes photos, videos, as well as audio files, anything automatically through its settings.

This deletion does not include your phone only, but the messages will be deleted from the other phone, which is the recipient and the sender together at the same time, and this will make you feel more secure in that case.

And this secret conversation is safe, as the messages that were sent are highly encrypted, as no one can decrypt them, and this is because the encryption is strong, and these conversations are fully encrypted, and this is to ensure that the conversation will not be read except by the person concerned only.

To start the secret chat, do the following:

  1. Tap the number at the bottom of the screen and choose New Secret Chat.
  2. Choose the entity or person from the list that will appear to you.
  3. The person will be invited to a secret chat, and he must accept the invitation in order for the secret chat to take place.

Explain the most important settings of the Telegram application for Android

There are a set of important numbers that you must know in order to do it if you want to this when you Download telegram app on your phone you use, they are very important settings.

And until you open the settings menu, click on the side menu > then settings and the settings for the application will open for you.

Change the profile picture: so that I can change the personal picture that appears to people, click on the previous picture and it will show you all the pictures on the phone. You can modify the picture and adjust the color and size, then click on the check mark below.

Change the username: just click on your username and modify it, and after completion, click on the check mark as well to save the settings (the name must be distinguished and in English).

Adjust notification settings for Telegram app

Telegram provides you with the ability to control the notifications related to the application through the settings, just direct the settings and then to notifications and sounds.

Conversational notifications: These are notifications that pertain to conversations in general, such as private conversations, groups, and subscribed channels, where you can turn off and turn on notifications in detail for each of them through the side selection.

Voice calls: When receiving a call through the application, you can control the tone and vibration through these settings.

In-app notifications: The sounds that are inside the app, such as the sound of sending a message or receiving during the conversation, and effects while typing, such as vibration and others.

Reset all notifications: a feature that is provided in case you wish to restore the default settings of the application.

Telegram privacy and security settings

One of the important settings, which is for privacy and security, here are the most important of those settings:

Phone number: In choosing who can see the phone number, it is preferable to choose no limit so that no one will disturb you by calling you, who can search for you by phone number? If you want more privacy, choose Contacts Only.
Last seen: It is to control the date and power that appears to others. When was the last time you opened the Telegram application, I am the best choice. No one can see the last time to appear.
Forwarded messages: When someone forwards your message, i.e. shares a message that you sent to someone, and he shared this message with another person, he prefers to make it no one, and this is so that a link to your personal account is not included in the message.
Who can contact you: Who can contact you? It is preferable to choose contacts so that no one will contact you for harassment or other things.
Groups: It is annoying to find that there is someone who has added to a group and you do not know who this person is. Unfortunately, there are only two options, which are everyone and my contacts. Choose the second or choose Never allow, and this is better.

How to change the Telegram number to another without only conversations, photos and data

The Telegram application provides you with a very wonderful feature, which is to change the account number to another number and transfer all data such as conversations, photos, videos and everything to the new number.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. From the settings, choose the first option, which is to change the phone number.Download telegram app for android
  3. You will be presented with a choice, which is to change the phone. Choose “Change number”.
  4. A notification will appear giving you some alerts, read them, they are important, and then press “Change”
  5. Enter the new phone number and press Confirm. A code will be sent to you to confirm.
  6. Enter the number in the box and all data will be transferred.

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