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Name Swamp Attack… Swamp Attack is the most famous version in the Swamp Attack series of publisher Outfit7 Limited
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Action games
Size 136 MB
Mod Version
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating 10+
Update January 13, 2021
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Android Android Action games
4.5 ( 569 ratings )
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Download swamp attack apk is a wonderful adventure game. It is one of the distinctive action games in terms of style, which many people liked in terms of style.

The swamp attack supports a download swamp attack apk for android and IOS, and the game is provided for free by APK direct link.

About the game swamp attack apk for android

The swamp attack game apk for android is one of the great action games in which you can defend your house in one of the big swamps that have a lot of huge and predatory animals that you have to protect it from.

The game Swamp Attack was developed by the largest company in the field of mobile game development, Outfit7 Limited, the same that created the Tom game in all its different series.

The swamp attack game is completely free, and not only that, but the game provides you with a great feature, which is to play online with other people from around the world for free whenever you want at any time and there are no limits to play.

In addition, the game gives you the experience of the game in many tasks that are offered within the game maps for free, and this is in case you do not want to play with other people and pass all the tasks alone with the game.

The game is divided into more than 70 different levels from each other, on four different maps, in addition to, of course, monsters for each map and different animals in the swamp that attack you in your house on the swamp. You must get rid of them all so that you can win and reach the next level.

The swamp attack game is available for free download swamp attack apk for Android on the Google Play Store, and you can also download Swamp Attack APK, which also supports IOS systems for iPhone, and it is available on the Apple Store.

A tour inside the game Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is one of the great action games that will impress you in terms of simplicity and also the fun in the game is very interesting in terms of style and graphics.

The swamp attack game starts that a person owns a house in one of the big swamps that has a lot of different monsters like crocodiles, raccoons and also you have rats, piranha fish, and a lot of different monster and insect birds.

You in the game will control the character who is the man who has a lot of weapons that will help you to eliminate the different monsters in the swamp attack game, in which you must in all the missions do not make any of them approach your house.

When you pass each task, you will get new tools within the game that you must use to prevent monsters from reaching a house in any way to protect yourself from them, in addition to the various weapons that you have to develop in each level so that you are stronger and can eliminate on animals faster.

Upon completing each task within the game, you will get points, in addition to that, you will be given some gold coins, through which you will develop weapons and also the house until it becomes much stronger.

  • In Swamp Attack, there are some things that you must do in order to win in all stages, which is to develop your house by pressing the word shop and go to the DEFENSE section, develop wood and barriers, and buy people and animals that help you protect the house.
  • Develop weapons through also SHOP, then choose WEAPONS, and then choose the weapon you want to develop by pressing UPGRADE, and in order to be able to purchase an ornament, press Buy ammo.
  • Buy explosives. Do evolutionary as well as buy explosives.

At the top of the screen you will find a bar. You will find the shape of a gold coin and a bill number. This is the number of coins you own, and a bottle of life, and this is so that you will be able in case you lose to complete the task without setting it up from the beginning, you will also find the hot pepper sign and this is used within the game If he wants to make the character more quickly tiring ammo.

In the game you will find batteries on the side in the top bar and these should be full so that you can play in the missions inside the maps in case you breathe from you you can wait for an hour until it is charged again or play with other people through multiplayer and in the case if you win you will You are given coins and a battery.

You will find a lot of tools that will help a lot in the game. You will find them on the side of the screen when you start to play. They will help you win quickly.

How to play the game online

A great feature of the swamp attack game provides you with the possibility of playing online for free with people from all countries around the world, and in order to be able to play, you do not need to register. It is enough just to download swamp attack apk game and install it on the phone.

1- Open the swamp attack game.

2- Click on multiplayer.

Swamp Attack online game

3- Then choose the name that you want to appear to other people, and in case you want to change the name, just click on the image of the character and enter the name you want. In order to change the country, you can do that by clicking on Settings on the main page.

4- To start playing, press PLAY and wait until the search has been completed.

The method of the game You will be given in the game random monsters that you have to attack on the other side, and each monster has a certain number of eggs. Strong monsters in order to be able to attack with them will be with 10 eggs and all you can get are eggs. Air and you get these eggs by clicking on it, you can not all more than 30 eggs.

Swamp Attack online game
Swamp Attack online game

You will find the monster on the side of the screen. Choose the monster by clicking on it and it will be launched. In order to win, you will win the opponent. At the top of the screen you will find a bar for the points owned by the opponent, in addition to points, you must decrease your points.

When you win, you will be awarded points in addition to gold coins and batteries to use in missions in the game.

The most prominent feature of the game

The game is wonderful and really worth the experience, and here are the most prominent features:

  • The game is completely free and available on all phones.
  • swamp attack is light on all phones even mid-range phones.
  • Very good and excellent graphics.
  • The performance experience is more than wonderful as it does not make the phone heavy and does not track the temperature quickly.
  • You can Download swamp attack apk through the site for free.
  • It is characterized by providing you with free online play and without registration.
  • You get updates so far, which is good for problems to be resolved and more tools to be added.
  • You can download swamp attack apk from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone.


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