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April 13, 2021
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Signal app you can use to communicate on the Internet for mobile, where many people around the world use all more than 50 million people from the world and it is a special messenger application, and it is the best alternative to WhatsApp on you can download signal app for Android and iPhone as well.

About the Signal mobile apps

There are many applications that are among the applications of communication on the Internet that are used daily by many people, but not all applications are good for communication, there are some of them, the quality of the connection is very poor, among them the protection is weak, and after the new update of WhatsApp from Facebook, there has become an explicit violation. From Facebook, and she wants to obtain user data through chat, by analyzing this data and using it for their benefit in order to make more money, this is the worst expansion in your life through a company called Social Media Support.


The Signal application is the best alternative to it, and it is the best until this moment, and Elon Musk stated that the signal Messenger is the best alternative to WhatsApp, and this is through his official account on Twitter, and he stated that you should leave the WhatsApp application and use the Signal application for Android and iPhone and that Because it has many advantages that are not found in many other applications, he said after the strange and controversial terms in the first 2021 of WhatsApp and the use of the Signal Messenger app.

One of the many controversial conditions is that the company will share the information and data of more than 2 billion people with Facebook for advertising purposes, and the Signal apk is a messaging application through which you can make voice calls in addition to video calls and text chat as well, you can Sharing voice messages and the good thing about it is that it is fast in response and is available on Android and iPhone phones, Signal app Messenger has been developed by Open Whisper Systems and a non-profit company that develops open source applications and offers them for free.


Signal Messenger app features

It is one of the private messenger applications where you can communicate with people in particular. Here is a set of the most prominent features of Signal Messenger:

  • One of the most important features is good protection, as Elon Musk advised him in addition to the former US intelligence agent who is currently residing in Russia, as well as Brian Acton and Edward Snowden, who are two of the protection specialists.
  • There are many languages ​​available on Download Signal app , including Arabic, all that is required of you to do to make the application in Arabic. Enter the settings by pressing the three dots at the top of the screen, then choosing Settings> Appearance> and clicking on Language and choose the language you want.
  • On Signal, you will find that the usage interface is very similar to WhatsApp in a very large percentage, so do not be afraid of using it.
  • Available in sending videos and photos.
  • There are no ads at all.
  • Available with video calls, as well as voice and text chat.
  • You can change the appearance of the application through the appearance settings.
  • Available on download Signal Messenger app, special for the following mode.
  • You can have complete control over it, as you can control notifications, as you can change the color of the lighting when receiving a notification and a sound and put the vibrator, repeat alerts on messaging, the sound of calls when someone calls you.
  • You can control to display only the name, the name, the message, or not display anything.
  • Lock screen password or pattern lock mode is available with Signal apk.
  • Control the appearance of the message reading sign, which is just like WhatsApp.
  • A wonderful feature is that you can be free to want to allow anyone to send you messages or not by entering the settings> and after that privacy> then go to the anonymous sender> and you will find an option (allow anyone) to activate if You do not wish.
  • You can save on data consumption by preventing automatic downloading of pictures, videos and anything. All you have to do is go to Settings> Conversations and Media> Automatic Downloading of Media> Click on (when using mobile data) and uncheck from everyone , You can do the same thing on Wi-Fi.
  • The Signal Messenger app for Android and iPhone is available for download.
  • There are a lot of features you will find in Signal. You can explore all the features by downloading the application and trying it out.

How to install and register with Signal Messenger

The way to register in the application is as easy as WhatsApp, but there is one thing about you, installation and registration:
1- After downloading Signal app on the mobile.
2- Open Signal apk signal messenger play store or , a box will appear for you. You must enter the phone number.
3- A message containing six numbers will be sent to the number you placed. Enter it in the rectangle.
4- You will be asked to put the pin number, and that is for protection only. It consists of four numbers. You will be asked after that confirmation, the number put the same number.
5- Congratulations, you have successfully installed the registration.

There are not many people in the Arab world who use a private messenger, but all you have to do is ask your friends to download and register, you will find that the application is fast and it is available on Android and iPhone phones for free.

Additional information on Signal

  • Submitted by: Signal Foundation.
  • Application developer: Signal Messenger.
  • Type: connection.
  • Works on: Android and iPhone (iOS)


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