Scary teacher 3d apk Download for android

Name Scary Teacher 3D… Scary Teacher 3D is the most famous version in the Scary Teacher 3D series of publisher Z & K Games
Publisher Z & K Games
Genre adventure games
Size 52 MB
Version 5.14.1
Mod Version 5.14.1
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating Teen
Update November 26, 2021
Android Android adventure games
4.2 ( 369 ratings )
Price: $ 0

=scary teacher 3d apk Download game is one of the best great mobile games. Its idea is very similar to a very famous game.

It is a game that suffocates your neighbor yourself. The idea is for mobile, and it is fun and similar to hello neighbor, very different from the game.

Download scary Teacher game APK works on Android phones and for iPhone also without any problem.

About the scary teacher 3d APK android game

Scary Teacher game is one of the best and great mobile games in which you can have a good time, in addition, Scary Teacher helps you to think faster and increase your IQ.

Do you remember a game called How do you choke your neighbor? Yes, this wonderful game was based on you trying to make pranks on your near neighbor by placing traps in the right place to make him go crazy, but this game was for the computer.

But the scary teacher 3d game is one of the wonderful mobile games also that has the same idea with the difference that the style of movement inside it is different and photography is also different if there is your neighbor here in Scary Teacher 3D, the teacher of the student.

The character that makes you pranks in the scary teacher 3d is a student of this teacher who loves to make pranks with her in order to chain him.

The scary teacher 3d, or as Miss T is called, is a ruthless character, and even she has a fickle temperament, and she has gained great fame as a result of that. This is the character of the Evil Teacher game.

The game was created and developed by Z & K Games, Zubair Anwar is the company that published the game.

The scary teacher Parameter game has been developed to suit all phones Scary teacher 3d apk run on the Android system as well as IOS for the iPhone.

Scary Teacher 3D story

The events of the Scary teacher 3d apk game revolve around that there is a genius student in a high school, with a teacher at the student’s school who is one of the most terrifying teachers in the school and this teacher was threatening children and beating the students in the school.

One of the days, this teacher moved to a new house and was a neighbor of one of the students, a genius student, and he decided within himself to teach this teacher a lesson from what she was doing to the students, and with him too, and he had to enter the house so that he could prank the scary teacher 3d.

The house is called Miss T and the Scary Teacher’s house consists of about 15 rooms in the house and each room in the house has a mystery and there are some rooms that are surprising a lot as they are very scary and some of them are not scary and normal rooms but this is a little strange.

This student must search for tools inside the teacher’s house and put these tools in the right places so that he can harass the teacher.

In Scary Teacher Tom the teacher spreads traps everywhere so that no one can enter the house and if he can enter the house he can never get out of it.

Because there are always fishing traps inside the house and in each stage, it differs from the previous stage in the tools and also the shapes and you have to always hide after you put the traps for the teacher so that she does not beat you and scold you because she is scary 😈.

The Scary teacher 3d apk android game is very funny that you can Scary teacher 3d apk download on your mobile, whether it is Android or IOS.

How to play the scary teacher game for Android

The game is very simple in the style of movement in that you will never find any difficulty in understanding it, but the difficulty you will find when searching for tools and traps, which you put and how to use them.

scary teacher game has a very simple control system, all you have to do is move tools on the screen like many games like scary Granny game.

You have to sneak into Scary Teacher 3D’s house and explore all the rooms and don’t fall under the hands of the scary teacher 3d inside the game while roaming around the house.

Walk around the house and find tools that will help you create pranks in Miss T but you have to prevent from falling into the trap while escaping.

Don’t let the teacher catch you while walking around her house, always try to escape with a ban from her, and don’t let her fish you.

About Scary teacher 3d apk game

  • The game is completely free.
  • The game can be Scary teacher 3d apk Download on Android and iPhone also for free.
  • Scary Teacher 3D works on mid-range phones.

Another great mobile game that can be downloaded similar to scary teacher 3d apk game is the scary Granny game.



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Scary teacher 3d apk Download for android

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Scary teacher 3d apk Download for android

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