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Name Robbery Bob… Robbery Bob is the most famous version in the Robbery Bob series of publisher Deca_Games
Publisher Deca_Games
Genre adventure games
Size 51 MB
Version 1.20.0
Mod Version 1.20.0
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating 10+
Update September 14, 2021
Android Android adventure games
4.5 ( 755 ratings )
Price: $ 0

 Robbery Bob, or as it is called, the thief game, is one of the great adventure games that depends on its story that there is a miserable thief who will change his life for the better.

but because his luck Robbery Bob is the worst thing that did not happen that you can Robbery Bob APK download the game for Android and iPhone for free.

Toy story Robert Bob game

The game, Robbie Pope, was released at the beginning of 2012 by the developer Level Eight, and it was published for the year in the same year by decagames.

The game was created to suit iPhone operating systems, IOS phones, and Robbery Bob APK for Android and Microsoft Windows phones for free.

The game of Thief Bob revolves around that there is a thief who called him Bob and he was imprisoned in a prison in the city, and he wanted to get out of him, but unfortunately he got a chance to escape from prison, but the way to escape was by completing some tasks, since he is a thief These tasks must be related to his skills.

Bob the thief has to complete a large group of tasks that are getting more difficult with time in order to steal the house that will enter without any of the owners of the house ever feeling anything, in the game Robert Bob you have to be light in movement so that no one hears you because if he feels Someone of you will call the police, and this is what Bob the Thief does not want.

The Robbery Bob APK game is one of the most enjoyable mobile games, as you use leeches in how to get into and out of the house in order to make Bob not go to prison again and hide from people inside the house in which you do the work.

How to play Robbery Bob for Mobile?

Robbery Bob APK is a strategy game that depends on the movement from above, where the player sees the characters from above and controls the character.

How to play You have to control the character in the game of Robert Bob, you are completely in control of the movement is only in terms of entering the house and leaving also, walking on the ground in complete calmness, getting things from him.

At the start of the thief’s game, he will be in prison and someone comes to him in the cell and offers him an offer in exchange for freedom from imprisonment, which is to steal some possessions in exchange for giving him freedom and smuggling him out of prison.

The control style of the Robbery Bob game is characterized by its simplicity. On the left side at the top of the screen, you will find a virtual joystick for Bob to move, while on the right side at the top of the screen you will find the run button, so it is very best.

At the beginning of the Robbery Bob game, it will be easy. There will be no one in the house where the task will be required of you, but in the important after which you have to ban, because you will start playing more and more difficult, but it is not very difficult that makes you hate the game.

The person who gave you the important thing will ask you to get some things from the house to steal, and he will determine your affliction.

and if he does not do that, the things that you must steal will shine or shine, and it will be remarkable for you to enter every room in the house and occupy For this stuff.

After you finish collecting things, you have to get out of the house quickly without also being noticed by anyone, and you will find that the one who hired you is waiting for you outside until you complete the task and you and he is together.

you will hand over the things to him and he will give you some money in exchange for this money that you have to use In developing the character of the game Bob, to be much faster and better, so that you can complete the most difficult tasks in the game Ruby Bob.

you can Robbery Bob APK download for android and IOS for free.

Features of downloading the game Robbery Bob apk

1- The graphics in the game are very impressive.

2- The movement style is easy to use.

3- The Robbery Bob game is unique in its gameplay.

4- Free to download Robbery Bob APK game for Android and iPhone phones.

5- The game is completely free.

6- You can transform Bob the Thief into a superhero character by buying him clothes for a superhero such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and many other superhero characters.

7- Every superhero in the game that you buy and use will get the power of this character, as the superman is fast and strong. You will find that the character is very fast, each character has its own style and special strength.

8- The control system in Robbery Bob is simple, so there are not many options.


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