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Multiple accounts is one of the important applications on your phone as through the Download parallel space application, you can open more than one account on the same phone for social networking sites, not only this and also games, without any problem. The multi-account application is for Android only at the current time.

About Download parallel space apk Multiple Accounts for Android

Most of the time you want to open more than one account on one of the social networking sites on your phone, but the phone does not support that and you only have one phone to open another account, especially if you want that to work, then you will get into trouble at that moment.

This is because there are many social media applications that do not support multiple accounts, so you may want to open more than one Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp, although Facebook supports opening more than one account on the same phone, but WhatsApp does not support This never.

You will need at that moment a Multiple accounts application for Android, so it will save you a lot of money and time because it allows you to open more than one application on the same phone through parallel, which is cool, but unfortunately, you cannot download parallel space on iPhones. It is only available for Android.

A multi-account application. You can also open another version of the game. It is not designed for social networking sites and not just games. Through parallel space, you can make a copy for more than one application. It is not limited to networking sites and games, but most of the accounts download multiple accounts to open more than WhatsApp only .


How does parallel space space work on the phone

A Multiple accounts application requires a lot of powers so that it can access the application and make a copy of it, how is that? Here’s the thing.

Initially,download  Parallel Space is the world’s first virtual simulator that supports mobile platforms. It enables, through a Multiple accounts application, to create an independent virtual operating system for applications and games on any Android device.

Where by creating a virtual operating system inside the phone that is separate from the original Android operating system for the mobile user, parallel space enables the user to run applications in the default operating system in the same way that it works in the original system by copying the entire application through the parallel Multiple accounts. space is just like copying DNA.

And that version is complete for the internal system of the game or application from the inside as the cloned application will look completely similar to the original. You will never be able to differentiate between them on an emulator, you can now download multi-accounts for Android  google play parallel space that is not available for iPhone at the present time.

How to open more than one account on a Multiple accounts application for Android

The matter is very simple, the application is not as complicated as some believe you are opening more than one account for social media applications and games.


  • Download Parallel Space apk mobile app and install it.
  • Open the application, a message will appear for you to get some permissions. Click on “Agree and continue” for the application to work.
  • parallel space  will open with you. You have to select the application you want by clicking on it and marking on it, then press (Add to) or Add to.
  • It will wait for you to send another message to get the permissions until it works and the copy is done, press ACCEPT.
  • You will find the application that you copied, click on it to open, or click on the empty profit.
  • To add another application or game, click (Add App) or add, and you will find applications and games installed on the phone that have appeared, choose what you want.
  • In the event that if you art game or application that is not installed on the phone, go to the Google Play Store and download it, then after that go to multi-accounts again and you will find it available.
  • To delete the application or game, click on it with a long press, and a garbage icon will appear for you. Drag the game or application until you can delete it.

Features of Download parallel space Multiple accounts app

There are many features available in it, I will show you the most prominent features, which are:

  • Lightweight Multiple accounts on the phone.
  • You can copy and open any application or game on the phone without any problem.
  • You can open more than one WhatsApp on the same phone.
  • It has a very simple interface.
  • You can download multi-accounts for Android only.
  • Provides protection for user privacy by installing the app on Parallel Space and being invisible.
    App or game lock is also available.
  • Hide your private apps.
  • You can open games and applications at the same time and many more, as it is not for one account only, but for multiple.
  • Simple store available inside parallel space apk , beautiful and easy to use.
  • There is a search feature built in where you can search what you want and install them formally.
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