Download opera vpn for android apk 2021

Name Opera Browser: Fast & Private… Opera Browser: Fast & Private is the most famous version in the Opera Browser: Fast & Private series of publisher Opera
Publisher Opera
Genre Mobile browser
Size 77.1 MB
Version latest version
Mod Version latest version
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
Update October 26, 2021
Android Android Mobile browser
4.4 ( 213 ratings )
Price: $ 0

Download opera vpn for android, one of the best mobile browsers. You can now download a wonderful browser, which is the Opera browser with a lot of great features that make it in the list of the best mobile browser.

The Opera vpn browser can be opera vpn for android free, with a wide range of features added to it.

About the opera browser for android

You are always looking for a program or application for browsing that is fast and has a lot of features that make it easier for us to search. It preserves security and privacy. Opera VPN has these very wonderful features that are not available in other browsers,
But you find it better than a company that has designed the Opera browser, as the company has received great support and confidence in the application market, and there is a search rate for downloading the opera vpn for android, and this actually indicates that the browser is wonderful.

In addition, that is, the company has created more than one version of the browser in different forms from each other and with different features such as the Opera Mini browser, which is a very wonderful and very distinctive browser. The reason behind the great search for it is that most of the Opera browsers are a browser that blocks ads.

In addition, the opera vpn for android browser has a VPN, and this feature is free in the Opera vpn, not like other browsers, because the VPN feature is not present in other browsers in this way, and it is free in the fast Uber browser, and it has more than one country and the entire European Union, in addition to some Asian countries, which are also from Where the browsing speed is also fast, you can download opera vpn for android and try it yourself.

It has many features that make it the best browser. You can download opera for android and enjoy the best browsing experience, preserve your privacy and protect yourself from spying, but unfortunately, the browser supports Android phones only at the moment.

You can download opera vpn for Android with direct link APK for free and fast in downloading.

Features of downloading opera vpn for android

There are a wide range of features that made many people look to download opera vpn for android to have a great experience in this wonderful browser, and here are a group of important features:

  • Adblocking:
    There is an ad blocker feature in Opera vpn and this makes the pages load faster to facilitate your browsing experience enjoyable in addition to providing a large amount of the internet package, especially if you use mobile data.
  • Download Opera Browser Unlimited Free VPN:
    Available in the free VPN Opera browser, this is to improve your privacy and security on the web. When Opera VPN is running in privacy mode, your IP address will be masked and a default address will be shown instead to help you avoid sharing information with the site you are browsing and your identity as well. From continents and countries a completely free VPN.
  • News summary around the world:
    AI-powered news playback This feature is not available in many browsers, a news feed that can be played between a select set of custom news channels within the browser, and allows you to subscribe to your favorite topics that you like the most and can add to reading in Later if you want to.
  • Download opera vpn for android and try the night mode feature:
    The browser can be switched to the night mode and you can also adjust the lighting as it is adjustable to enjoy a more comfortable reading experience for the eyes in the dark and dim lighting and feel the least possible amount of eye fatigue and this is very useful.
  • Manage passwords and autofill credit cards and passwords:
    Subscribe to the automatic password saving feature, and this feature has become available in many browsers such as Google Chrome browser. When you enter such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the password is saved and the password is retrieved at any time.
  • private browsing:
    This feature is not new to browsers and Opera vpn was not the first browser to add it but let me tell you about it, you can use private tabs if you want to be incognito without leaving any data and recording history in the phone, it will be better if you use the VPN feature The browser will be much better.
  • By downloading the Opera browser, you can easily manage downloads:
    This is the best add-on in the browser, and for that, download opera vpn for android, where you can download videos on the Internet and popular social networking sites easily and without any problems through the Opera browser only.
  • Easy download:
    You can download from any site if it has a bar code. I mean that if you are browsing on the computer and you find an application that you want to download, and a barcode is available on this site for download, it can be downloaded through the Opera vpn browser by simply photographing through the browser only. These are the limit of excellent additions.
  • Translation in opera vpn for android:

    Pages can be translated normally. If you enter a page, you can click on the three dots at the top of the screen. You will find the translation feature. Click on it. Once you click, the translation will be done. This feature is not available in many browsers other than Google Chrome and is currently available in Opera vpn. You can download the Opera browser and try this feature.

  • Save pages offline:
    There is a great addition, which is that you can save any page without connecting to the Internet, enter any page you want to save, and then click on the three dots at the top of the screen and you will find an option (pages that are not connected to the Internet).
  • Save pages as pdf:
    You can save any page in PDF format, i.e. speech page + images also in the Opera browser. I think this feature is only available in it. How is that? You have to click on the three dots at the top of the screen and you will find an option (save as PDF).
  • opera vpn for android control browser:

    You can control the look of the browser from the inside in terms of several things, including the color of the main interface, in addition to the additions of the Opera browser for mobile, such as your best favorite sites.

  • you can add Search Engine favorite in opera vpn for android

    It is great to find an application through which you can control your favorite search engine and make it the first for you and from search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and put that the preferred option in the main interface in the download opera vpn for android and add sites and engine Find your favorite.

  • There is a new feature added to the browser, which is the barcode, which is wonderful, especially you can search for a product by clicking on the profit at the top of the screen. The camera will open and the type of product or website link will be read and determined through the Opera browser.
    There are a lot of great features that it has. You can download opera vpn for android and try it out for yourself.

    There are many Opera-like browsers, such as UC Browser for mobile. You can now download opera vpn for android for mobile, and it supports Android phones only so far, no version has been released and dedicated to iPhone phones.

You can download Opera browser for Android for free and have a great browsing experience.

A tour inside the opera vpn for android

Opera vpn browser is safe, responsive, and has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, in addition to the main interface with the latest news from around the world for international magazines and newspapers.

download opera vpn for android apk

After downloading opera vpn for android, install it on the phone, and opening the browser, you will find that it is very simple to use. This does not mean that it is not a good browser, but on the contrary, it is very wonderful in terms of the features that the browser provides continuously.

In the main interface of the browser, you will find a group of icons for international sites and the most visited sites from all people around the world, such as the search engine Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in addition to a group of international newspapers such as BBC News, global shopping sites, Amazon and other sites different.

The Opera browser allows you to add the site that you want to browse continuously or that you want to be in the main user interface, and in order to be able to add a site, just click on the box inside the (+) sign. A window will appear for you, type in the first box the name of the site and in The second link to the site like the picture.

download opera vpn for android apk

There is a feature that Opera vpn provides you with, which is a built-in QR code scanner, and in order to be able to operate it, you just need to click on it. You will find it in the bar at the top of the screen.

On the side of the screen at the bottom, there is a very important choice is the settings of the entire browser, through which you can control almost the entire application, such as turning on the night mode, controlling the place of download, favorite and others.

Opera Browser: Fast & Private

At the bottom of the list, you will find settings. Enter this section and then you will find a large number of important options, including running the Opera vpn for the browser, as the Opera browser for Android will provide you with an added feature to it, which is the VPN for free without the need to add another, just run it and try through it ft blocked site.

Among the features that you can activate on Opera is the phone data saving feature. It is a very useful feature that you can turn on and experiment and reduce the daily consumption of phone data.

Opera Browser vpn

There is an important option, which is to control the location of downloading files or videos, anything you download through the browser, and this is by downloading to the bottom, you will find a list named Download folders, choose from it Downloads. You will find a choice to open the side menu, choose the location of the download, whether it is external or internal memory After selecting the location, select.

You can also turn off annoying notifications by going to the Alerts section in the Settings menu and disable Alerts.

Change the default search engine I prefer the Google search engine, it is the best among all, but if you want to change to any other search engine, just go to search and you will find a choice below the name of the default search engine, click on it, a list will appear for you, choose your favorite search engine, it will You will find other search options that you can modify as you like.

There are many wonderful add-ons that the Opera vpn provides to all users for free without the need to pay any fees, so you can download opera vpn for android for free and experience the use of the wonderful features for yourself.

Information about Opera for mobile

  • Application space: Varies by phone.
  • Content Rating: Over 3 years old.
  • It works on the system: Android 📱.
  • Version: the latest version (updated automatically).
  • Available to download opera vpn for android direct link APK for free.




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Download opera vpn for android apk 2021

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Download opera vpn for android apk 2021

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