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Name Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser is the most famous version in the Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser series of publisher Mozilla
Publisher Mozilla
Genre Mobile browser
Size Varies with device
Version 94.1.2
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating PEGI 16
Update November 9, 2021
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Android Android Mobile browser
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Download Mozilla firefox apk, one of the best mobile browsers, which is great for browsing speed, and in addition to privacy, you can download Mozilla firefox for Android with a direct link to download the APK.

About mozilla firefox apk browser for android

Firefox browser or as some call it Mozilla Firefox is a browser that was developed in 2002 by Mozilla Corporation.

At this time, it was called Phoenix and this is through the members of the browser, and it is one of the free and wonderful mobile browsers such as Google Chrome.

Firefox is very popular worldwide, with more than 60 million downloads in 2004.

At this time, I was comparing Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox, and the latter exceeded Explorer at this time with a large number of tolerances.

A version has been developed to be suitable for Android phones and has been released on the Google Play Store for free for all.

A version has been developed that supports iOS phones and iPhone phones, and you can download Mozilla firefox apk for Android from the Apple Store for iPhone, the latest version.

Although the Firefox browser is great, it is not compared to Google Chrome browser in terms of the number of users, as the share of Google Chrome reaches 67.77% and Firefox 8.03%, and this is a very small number, and this is according to a statistic that took place in 2020.

You can download Mozilla firefox apk for android for free through the Google Play Store for free or through a direct download link Apk latest version.

Features of Firefox Browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox offers you a lot of different features that you may like very much and here are the most prominent ones.

  • It is a completely free browser. Probably all browsers are free.
  • It is somewhat responsive, somewhat similar to the Opera browser in terms of speed.
  • Open-source platform This is a feature for developers only, as it is available to everyone to modify in addition to development, but you must have a background in programming before all this.
  • It provides you with incognito browsing, and this feature has become available in most modern and old phone browsers, such as the UC Browser.
  • It provides you with most of the different languages.
  • Mozilla Firefox apk for Android browser offers you a security booster feature to increase security by blocking more than 2,000 online trackers automatically through it.
  • It provides you with a search bar that you can modify the search engine associated with it, whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
  • It has a dark or night mode feature, where you can turn everything into black, and this is to conserve the phone battery and your eyes while reading in the dark.
  • Generally easy to use organizer.
  • You can download Mozilla firefox apk for Android through the Google Play Store for free.
  • It provides a great feature, which is to add the extensions that are in the computer browser to the phone with ease.
  • You can easily sync your phone to your computer through Firefox.

Download Mozilla firefox apk last version

There are many different browsers on the Internet that many advise you to use, and perhaps the most prominent of these browsers are the Google Chrome browser.

But there are other browsers that don’t get as many compliments as the rest, Firefox may not be the best but it’s very cool and you can try using it.

If you compare it, for example, to Google Chrome in terms of lightness, it is light on a phone, and this is because it does not consume a lot of the phone’s RAM, so you will feel slower in terms of responding for this reason.

But it is light on the phone and will not make your phone heavy in movement because it does not consume a lot of phone resources.

Download Mozilla firefox apk for Android, the latest version for Android, from the Play Store for free for all phones running the Android system.

And you can Download Mozilla firefox apk through a direct link to download the Mozilla firefox apk for free for all phones that support the APK or the Android system, even Huawei phones that do not have the store.

It is also available on iOS phones, and the latest version is available on the Apple Store for free.

A tour inside the Firefox mobile browser

Mozilla firefox apk like me is any browser that does not differ much in the way it is used at all in terms of style, but I will explain to you some of the things inside.

The user interface is very simple, you will find the search box at the top or bottom according to its unique shape.

Private browsing (incognito): To be able to browse in private or incognito mode, you will find a mask form next to the search box, click on it and you will be directed directly to private browsing.

You’ll find a bunch of different options in the profile section and to open tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom of the screen.

Bookmarks: Here you will find the pages that have been placed in your favorites until you see them again.

History: You will find other websites that you have browsed through Firefox browser.

Downloads: Files or even videos that you downloaded through your browser will be displayed in this section.

Add-ons: This section is what distinguishes Firefox, where you can add some add-ons to help you, such as a VPN to the browser and others.

Sign in to sync: It is a feature provided in the browser to start syncing between the browser on the phone and the browser to the computer.

Desktop version: You can switch the browser from the mobile phone to the one on the computer with ease, but for information, this situation consumes more Internet.

Settings: You will find in the settings a wide range of different control options that will help you a lot, such as changing the main search engine, controlling the appearance, font size, and other settings. You can change the browser language to the one that suits you and explore the settings on your own.

How to add add-ons on Moz firefox for mobile browser?

Firefox provides you with the ability to add a set of add-ons that will help a lot in browsing, and here’s how to add tools.

  1. After downloading the mozilla firefox browser for Android or iPhone.
  2. Open it and click on the three vertical dots and then Extras.How to add add-ons on Mozilla firefox for mobile browser?
  3. Choose the extension that suits you by pressing the (+) sign.How to add add-ons on Mozilla firefox
  4. A window will pop up showing you the permissions to approve and install, click on Add.
  5. Wait for it to download and install automatically.
  6. If you want the extension to be allowed in incognito, check Allow, then OK I understand.


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