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Name Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Google Chrome: Fast & Secure is the most famous version in the Google Chrome: Fast & Secure series of publisher Google
Publisher Google
Genre Mobile browser
Size 192 MB
Version Varies with device
Total installs 10,000,000,000+
Update November 29, 2021
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Android Android Mobile browser
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Download Google Chrome apk for Android as a mobile browser, one of the best mobile browsers that is fast and safe from malicious sites, and Google Chrome browser is one of the most powerful browsers and gives you an excellent using experience.

Download google chrome for android latest version apk

About the Google Chrome browser for mobile

Google Chrome is one of the most powerful browsers around the world, and it was developed by the well-known Google company.

Its first version was at the beginning of 2008 and it only worked on the Microsoft Windows operating system, but later a version was released for the Google Chrome APK browser for Android, Linux, Mac OS and iOS for iPhone phones.

Whereas, on February 7, 2012, the Google browser for Android was released, but it was a trial and withdrawn version, and it was available to some countries through the Google Play Store.

A lot of things have been developed in it, such as adding many different languages to it, developing and fixing bugs.

On June 27, 2012, the Google Chrome browser for Android passed the stage of the beta version and the first version was released on September 26 of the same year, which was the first release for the Android system.

It is built on the open source Chromium which contains some of the design ready components.

Google Chrome has been developed to be the fastest and most secure in addition to simplicity in controlling and operating by other users and it has a simple user interface.

This is what makes it one of the most used browsers, as a statistic was made in 2020 and those stats told that there is more than 70% of the market share it has from the largest user segment among all.

Features of Google Chrome Browser for android

Google Chrome for mobile provides you with many great features that are not available in many other browsers, and here are the most prominent of these features.

  • It provides you with the incognito browsing feature that may be available in many other browsers, but it is provided by it, such as the Opera browser and others.
  • Synchronization with Google Chrome for PC as it is possible to chronicle and send all data such as passwords, favorite websites and more.
  • Access your favorite websites with just one click.
  • Shows you the most important news and your favorite social networks through and the main destination of the browser.
  • It provides you with a great feature, which is safe browsing through Google, as it gives you the advantage of safe browsing from Google with Google Chrome, and this is to maintain the security of your phone.
  • You can download whatever content you want from the Internet through, as it gives you the ability to download securely and quickly through it.
  • You can search through Google Chrome for Android, iPhone, and even other devices through voice only without the need to type or touch, browse and navigate through your voice only.
  • It provides you with integrated and automatic translation of pages with good and understandable accuracy, and it is distinguished by the speed of translation into all languages ​​of the world.
  • Added to the browser is a great feature, which is to preserve phone data. This is the purpose of preserving phone data by up to 60%, as the Google Chrome browser compresses images, videos and texts without lowering the quality.
  • You can download Google Chrome apk for Android through the Google Play Store for free or even through the Apk site. The link to download Google Chrome apk for Android is direct.
  • Supports most phones running various operating systems from Android and iOS to iPhone and Windows Phone and others.
  • You can download Google Chrome apk for Huawei phones, install it and run it without a problem.

There are a lot of features that it offers and it beats a lot of other browsers like UC Browser although it is excellent and great, but there is no competitor to Google at the moment.

Disadvantages of Chrome

Although it offers a lot of great and distinctive features, but it has some flaws that make it not my favorite a lot, and here are these flaws.

  • The browser is very responsive on the phone, and for this, it consumes a lot of
  • power from the phone battery, and this is when you use it and use another browser such as the Brave browser, you will find that Google consumes a lot in the same period.
  • As we know that Google Chrome consumes a lot of phone and computer RAM as well, and for this you find it the fastest for this reason, but if your phone is average, you will suffer from a lot of downtime.

Download Google Chrome Apk for Android

  • Click on download google chrome apk.
  • You have to wait 10 seconds for the download link to be processed.
  • Click on Google Chrome Apk.
  • You will find the browser file inside the downloads file on your mobile Google Chrome apk.
  • Click on it and choose Install.

Download Google Chrome browser for Huawei phones

If you own modern Huawei phones, you will not have the Google Chrome browser or even Google Play to download it. To solve this problem, follow the following steps.

  1. Download Google Chrome Apk.
  2. After downloading Google Chrome, you will find in the files the downloads in google chrome apkformat.
  3. Open and choose install and wait for it to install and you will find that your browser works without any problem.

Solve the problem of updating Chrome for Android

Some people have a problem, which is that the browser does not want to update through the Play Store. In this case, you must download Google Chrome apk for Android from abroad and force the application to close.

Before you start trying out how to fix the problem, make sure that there is space available on the phone for the update.

Method 1 Force stop

  1. Open your phone’s Settings, then Apps, choose Google Chrome.
  2. Choose Force stop, then turn off the phone and restart.
  3. Then go to Google Play, then to Google Chrome and update.

Method 2 Clear google play cache

  1. Go to Settings, then Application Manager.
  2. Search for google play.
  3. Choose from Clear cache.
  4. Then try to update again.

Method 3 Update Google Play

  1. Google Play Services by going to the App Store.
  2. Click on the icon with the image and select Manage Applications.
  3. Choose Update All to make sure that all system counters are up to date.

Method 4 Download Google Chrome apk for Android

  1. You have to make sure of the latest version installed on your phone.
  2. Download Google Chrome Apk.
  3. You should also make sure that the version that you will install must be the latest.
    and install it.

Solve the problem of not opening sites Google Chrome for Android

When using a browser you may find that websites do not open even though the internet connected to the phone is working fine.

Or he tells you that this site is not safe. In that case, do not enter the site at all because it is not safe for users, but if this message repeats, just refresh your browser and clear the cache.

But if it tells you that there is a problem with the Internet connection or the server with many sites, do this way.

Method 1 Clear the cache

  1. Click on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  2. Then choose Registry and then Clean Data.
  3. Check all and choose the time (all time).
  4. Then clear the data.

Method 2 Turn off Data Saver

  1. settings.
  2. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and choose Data Saver.
  3. Then close it until you find that the button is gray.


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