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Name Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is the most famous version in the Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! series of publisher King
Publisher King
Genre adventure games
Size 184 MB
Version 1.150.37
Total installs 10,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
Update November 11, 2021
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Android Android adventure games
4.3 ( 966 ratings )
Price: $0

crash bandicoot on the run mobile is one of the best mobile games for great adventures as the game is characterized by being 3D to give you a great gaming experience.

about the game crash bandicoot on the run for Android

crash bandicoot on the run is one of the great action games, and it is one of a series of American games that has been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Vivendi Games, and Activision.

The first version of the game was released in 2010 by the game’s developer, Toys for Pop, but it was not available for the phone at that time if it was running on PlayStation.

Later in 2021, a dedicated mobile version was published and it is available with more than one operating system, including Android and IOS, as the game supports in addition to Windows.

Crash Bandicoot is one of the best great action games that are characterized by that you are running on a large track like many games, including the wonderful Subway Mobile.

The game’s graphics are very impressive, in addition to the colors that are characteristic of the game, and you will not feel for a son that you are playing on the phone, so you will enjoy a lot of experiencing a distinctive experience in the game.

How to play the game crash bandicoot on the run apk

The idea of ​​the game is very simple in terms of the style of the game that is characterized by it, the game character Crash automatically satisfies in a long track, You do not control a run.

so it is like in the game Subway Surfers and Tom the Hero and many of those adventure games.

All there is to it is that you will pass the barriers and punishment that will be on your way without hitting them until you reach the finish line.

The control style is very simple in it, since all you have to do to move to the right is to drag in the same direction and when you pull to the left, it turns in this direction, to jump, drag up and crawl down things, drag down.

The game has an end. It is an important thing. Every time you have to finish a mission that you get on a very large map, and in every mission there are types of obstacles that you will find on your way.

The main goal of the game is to get rid of the followers of Dr. Neo Cortex is in all the game until you win and in every mission you get in the game Crash.

They follow you in the game to do some things, including collecting fruits that you find on your way until you collect the largest group of them to buy some tools and develop the character.

unlike many other games that you do all the currencies, here in the game crash bandicoot mobile you have to collect fruits .

You will find fruits in the game crash bandicoot on the run located in the game’s track or in some wooden boxes you have to break them to get them and in order to do that, click on the screen until you make the known crush spiral to rotate.

In the game, you will find there the identifier mask that revolves around the character in order to protect it from obstacles or bumping into anything in your path.

This mask can be developed and humiliated by that you collect the other qaunat on your way until it becomes much stronger. You will find it in boxes on your way, destroy it until you get more defense.

At the end of each mission, you will find a monster at the end of the method. You have to defeat it in order to win the important thing. The matter is easy to market. It gives you a liquid bottle that you throw it on.

When you complete each mission successfully, you will get points, and your level in the game will rise to a higher level, and you will get new tools, and you will win more missions.

You can crash bandicoot on the run download  APK for android, the latest version for Android, direct link APK, for free, and it is also available for iPhone.

Features of  game crash bandicoot 

crash bandicoot mobile is distinguished from many other games and this is what makes many people searching for it and here are these features:

1- crash bandicoot mobile is available completely free of charge on Google Play in addition to the Apple Store.

2-game’s 3D graphics, and this is what made it wonderful.

3-You get a lot of updates.

4-crash bandicoot on the run is characterized by that its graphics and graphics are more than beautiful.

5-You can switch between lots of different characters within the game for free.

6-Crash Bandicoot has many different tasks, which makes it great because of the many tasks.

7-You can download crash bandicoot mobile for Android direct link APK for free.

Download crash bandicoot on the run 2021 APK

The game is available on the Google Play Store for free, but you can get it as an APK if you wish or your phone does not support downloading through the store.

  1. Click the download button crash bandicoot on the run.
  2. Wait 15 seconds and a Download Apk button will appear.
  3. You will find the game in the downloads file called crash bandicoot on the run.
  4. Click on it and then choose Install.

After the game house, the game will download another file from inside it, after opening it, and the size of this file is approximately 340 MB.


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