Brave browser APK Download for android

Name Brave Private Browser: Secure web bro… Brave Private Browser: Secure web browser is the most famous version in the Brave Private Browser: Secure web browser series of publisher Brave Software
Publisher Brave Software
Genre Mobile browser
Size 57 MB
Version 1.32.112
Mod Version 1.32.112
Total installs 50,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
Update November 24, 2021
Android Android Mobile browser
4.5 ( 841 ratings )
Price: $ 0

brave browser APK is one of the best free and fast mobile browsers. In addition to the security it provides for the Android system, Brave Browser provides you with a lot of built-in features for free.

You can Brave browser APK download  for Android APK, in addition, it supports the iOS system for iPhone and is compatible with iPhone phones and is available on the Apple Store for free.

About brave browser APK for Android

brave browser APK has become one of the largest browsers that many want to download on their phone at the present time, and this is of course after the Google Chrome browser and the Opera browser for mobile.

It is a really great browser for mobile, as it has many features that are not available in many other browsers, and this is what makes it very good, and it has received a large number of downloads from the Google Play platform for Android.

Brave Browser The word Brave in English means brave and you will find that its logo is in the form of a lion to symbolize the name.

It was developed by Brendan Eich, one of the founders of Mozilla, as well as the creator of JavaScript.

Brendan Eye founded Brave Software at the beginning of 2016, which was the first version of Brave, and on November 13, 2019, the Brave browser was launched, the customized version that works on phones, and it supports Android and iOS, and in 2020, the company said that the number of browser users It has reached more than 20 million monthly users.

It is an open-source browser built on Chromium or as it is called, an open-source version of the Chrome OS computer operating system, which was designed by Google.

Brave works on more than one operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Mac, as well as Linux. In addition, it supports phones. A mobile version has been developed that works on Android and iOS.

Brave Browser provides you with many great features that are not available in many other browsers, including that it provides you with 20 search engines, including the partner search engine of Brave DuckDuckGo, which is the engine that is set by default, but you can change it to any search engine Another of the settings.

It provides you with a unit of the important features that many want, which is hidden browsing without any information being collected from you. It is based on the second generation of Onion Routing without identity detection.

One of the most strange things is that the Brave browser allows you to profit through this by using it and browsing through it and watching the ads that it displays, and you will get money for that.

There are a lot of features that it provides for you, you can launch the features through this post, and you can brave browser APK download for Android with a direct link APK and it is also available on the Google Play Store.

and if you are a user of iPhone phones, it supports the iOS operating system and is available on the Apple Store Store.

Features of Brave APK Download for Mobile

brave browser APK It may not be the fastest browser, but there are a lot of features that Brave Browser for android provides, and I will show you the most prominent of these features that you will like a lot.

  • Brave browser APK Download is quite fast and to a good degree, you won’t find it any less on your average phone.
  • Brave Browser for Android comes with a lot of built-in add-ons including an annoying adblocker.
  • Saves you a lot of phone battery, other than Google Chrome browser consumes a lot of phone battery.
  • Although it has a lot of add-ons built into it, it is very fast and gives you a great browsing experience.
  • It provides you with a security feature where you will not find any malicious programs or other hosts that may violate security.
  • It improves mobile data consumption as it improves performance and blocks all advertisements that may infect you with malicious programs.
  • The browser is very fast, especially on Android phones. You will notice that it is much faster than other systems, as it may reach 4 times.
  • One of the most prominent features it provides is the protection from tracking, where you can activate the incognito mode, which will give you a lot of security, especially since incognito browsing allows one of the options to browse through the Tor network.
  • Download Brave Browser apk provides you with more than 20 search engines to be added to the phone counters, but you will find that DuckDuckGo is the default engine, but you can modify it.
  • It provides you with HTTPS protection anywhere.
  • It gives you the ability to block a third-party cookie.
  • You will find that there is a special tab feature and also add more of it to the browser.
  • It provides you with an in-page search feature where you can search for something specific on the page by searching and typing what you want to search for.
  • If you are a cryptocurrency trader, it provides you with a browser-specific wallet that you can register for free of charge.
  • You can earn money with Brave browser APK  Download and this is by browsing through and earning money for it.

The browser has a lot of great features that you will inevitably like very much, and you can download Brave browser for android and have a great browsing experience.

You can download Brave browser APK for the iPhone, it supports the iOS system.

How to use Brave Browser apk for Mobile

Easy to use After Brave browser APK download  and installing it on the mobile, you will be presented with a simple and easy-to-use user interface, as it is similar to many of the Google Chrome browsers on mobile.

Download Brave Browser for android

You will find the main user interface with a rectangle displaying the daily statistics, including the daily consumption rate for browsing or even for viewing content on the Internet.

Download brave browser for android APK

You will find a bar at the bottom with a set of important habits that you will use a lot, including opening a new tab and incognito browsing, the second choice (New private tab).

There is an important option in this list, which is the Find in page, where if you want to search for something in the article, choose this option and then search for the word or phrase.

Settings You can control a lot of things, including controlling the default search engine in normal and incognito browsing as well by selecting the (Standard tab) and you will find a list of a group of famous search engines, and the same is the same in the private tab.

Download Brave Browser for Android latest version

Like most browsers, the passwords that you register with on the various sites are encrypted and saved. You can control this feature to close and open it whenever you want through (Basics) you will find Passwords and these are for passwords and Payment Methods for credit cards.

Control the appearance of the browser with Appearance With you can control the appearance of the browser and turn on the night mode.

There are a lot of settings in the Brave browser APK download  that you will like a lot and that you have to explore on your own by downloading the browser and installing it on the phone and having a try.

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