Applock APK Download for Hide photos and videos

Applock APK Download for Hide photos and videos

v5.1.3 by DoMobile

Download Applock APK for android is one of the best applications that are used so that you can hide photos and videos from other eyes on your phone, and through the applock for can also cl

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Name AppLock
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Size 24 MB
Version 5.1.3
Update March 1, 2022
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Mod Version 5.1.3
Total installs 100,000,000+
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AppLock is the most famous version in the AppLock series of publisher DoMobile Lab

Download Applock APK for android is one of the best applications that are used so that you can hide photos and videos from other eyes on your phone, and through the applock for android.

you can also close applications on the phone through a strong password or pattern so that no one can It opens the application.

About Applock APK for android

AppLock apk is an application that encrypts your phone data, especially photos and videos, and protects you from strangers.

so that no one can get your data, photos to social networking sites and applications and get some of your data by spying on you. It simply closes all applications, photos, and files of all kinds to get a great and good security experience for your phone.

In addition to that, the application has other features besides protecting photos and files for the mobile, one of the most important features in the Applock APK for android application is that it has a data recovery feature.

but it is the password and that by connecting the application with Gmail.

so you can simply retrieve the data and also the password in case of forgetting.

Applock APK download for android, app to hide photos and videos

A lot of times we need privacy, so how do we get that through privacy protection applications.

You can get this through applications setting a password for applications and this is if you want to obtain protection for social networking sites and this is through the AppLock apk application, you need more privacy on social networking sites, for example, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

you can also get privacy for photos and videos On the mobile, Applock APK for android allows you to lock photos with a password and hide photos and videos as well as audio files as well as any file on the phone simply.

Applock APK for android is the best application because it has a lot of features that make it the first on top of applications for a reason that is due to the fact that it has a lot of add-ons that are one of the most important additions, not only such as the invisible browser and also closing WiFi and Bluetooth on the phone and this is very important even No one opens the phone data or even Wi-Fi and sends himself pictures or videos and a file or even sends you a malicious file that damages your phone and this will help a lot to protect the phone a lot from these harmful actions to you and your phone.

The lock application can lock contacts, lock text messages, Facebook, Google Play, Gmail, settings, contacts, Snapchat, Instagram, or any application of your choice from the applications installed on the phone.

But Applock APK for android can hide photos and videos out of the sight of others. As the application hides photos and videos from the gallery and only appears in the photo and video vault. Protect private outgoing memories.

By downloading Applock APK for android, you will:

  • Don’t worry about giving your friends your mobile to check it out.
  • Or downloading children’s games on your mobile phone, buying games, sabotaging or erasing some of your data from the phone
  • Never worry about parents hand your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.

How to hide photos and videos on mobile?

There are many ways that are used to hide photos on the mobile without any problem, but there are ways that may be good.

but they have many problems that make this way much worse than you expect and that is due to more than one reason, and I recommend using the lock application.

How does the Applock APK for android work on the phone?

It is a great Applock APK for android for the reason that it encrypts the data on your phone, so if you choose a photo on the phone or a video, the lock app will encrypt the photo and if someone tries to search for the photo on the phone, he will never find the photo.

This is the reason that they are encrypted and in the hidden mode as well, but if someone tries to delete the lock application, he will not find the photos as well because they are still encrypted on the phone and this is the best part about locking photos because many applications do not have this feature.

As for the applications, it does not run the application because it closes applications and files also through a password that you must set so that you can enter it easily.

The idea of ​​the application is very simple, you can Applock APK download for android on your phone and try using it.

How to show photos on lock application after deletion?

There is always a problem, which is if you delete the lock application from the phone, you will find that the photos that were hidden on the phone through AppLock do not appear in the studio or in the video.

because simply the photos are encrypted, do not worry, the photos were not deleted from the phone, but because they are encrypted, they will not appear You can easily and this is a feature.

In order to be able to show the files, you must do the following.

  1. Either you Applock APK download application again so that the files appear again.
  2. Or download a decryption application.
  3. But I advise you to download the lock application and then restore the photos through it and after that delete it if you want to.

Features of applock for android

  • Encrypt photos and videos and this gives more protection to files and photos on the phone.
  • Close applications and files with a strong password or pattern on the phone.
  • Protect Wi-Fi, phone data and Bluetooth, and this is important so that no one can send files from your phone to him or send you pictures of harmful data on the phone.
  • Hide contacts The ability to close contacts and names as well, so that no one steals the names or adds a person to the contacts.
  • It has a feature to retrieve the password and files by adding the Gmail email that you link to the application.
  • Applock APK for android allows you to choose the shape of the pattern, which is either an inscription or a password and a password that has the feature to hide the pattern as well, and the phone vibrates when typing.
  • One of the most important additions in the applock application is that you can take a picture of those who try to open applications or files clearly and without the person’s
  • knowledge, but you must open this feature through a protection feature.
  • App lock itself can be hidden from people’s eyes.
  • Battery saving mode takes advantage of closing open apps.
  • Closing the App Store is also an available feature.
  • The hidden browser is also available, and there are additions to communication sites such as Facebook or Twitter and other communication sites.
  • As soon as the screen is closed and you open the lock application, it turns itself on in less than one second and hides itself.
  • This feature of protection can be controlled, but I recommend that you put it as a default.
  • There are games inside the Applock APK for android, but you need to Applock APK download and download it from within.
  • The property of increasing the speed of the phone by deleting temporary cache files.
  • You can change the shape of the unit keys by pressing the shape that is mentioned at the top of the screen.
  • There are many more features that can be discovered by downloading the application.
  • Available to download the lock application for Android direct link to Applock APK download for free.

Download Applock APK for android

  1. Click to download the Applock apk.
  2. Wait for the AppLock download link to be prepared.
  3. It will only take 15 seconds.
  4. Choose Download Now App Lock.

How to hide pictures on applock?

The topic is very simple, all you have to do after downloading the lock application do the following:

  1. Open the applock for android.
  2. The screen to engrave a password for the application will appear.
  3. So that you can have a specific picture or a specific picture or video in the main interface a vault image next to browsing by clicking on it and after that, you will be directed to a different applock for android apk
  4. Choose what you want to hide photos or applock for android apk
  5. For example, click on the video, you will go to a page that you will find its flag at the bottom of the screen + click on the video and after that click on the lock sign on the screen and congratulations on you have been hidden.How to hide pictures on applock

How to close apps with a password on the mobile through the applock app?

Applock APK the lock application, put:

  • Open an application first.
  • The screen you set for the first time appears.
  • What to order from the site list below.
  • And congratulations to you



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Applock APK Download for Hide photos and videos

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Applock APK Download for Hide photos and videos

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